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Saturday, September 20, 2008


Have you ever wondered how it came to be that John McCain was actually in charge of his release date when he was a North Vietnamese POW? I mean, it is McCain's claim and now the claim of the Republican Party that John McCain is a genuine war hero because he refused to be released out of sequence, refused an early release. How did he do that? How was it that the North Vietnamese weren't in control of the release date? What authority did McCain have over the North Vietnamese in this matter?
Well it turns out that McCain has other problems as well concerning American POWs after the end of the war. An online article in The Nation Institute dated September 18, 2008, claiming to be an expanded version of an October 6, 2008 article in The Nation, delves into McCain's record in Congress of obstructing the POW/MIA movement.
John McCain a war hero? Yeah right. Not quite the right stuff for that claim to hold water.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm Melting! I'm Melting!

As we sit by our TV sets watching the meltdown of Wall Street, things are going on behind the smokescreen.
Make sense of this one!
I don't think I heard any mention of this in the media in the coverage of the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy over the weekend. I'm no money guru but doesn't this Bloomberg report say that this $138 billion in loans to Lehman Brothers since the bankruptcy was immediately repaid by the Federal Reserve Bank? Isn't the Federal Reserve Bank the one that insures all of our FDIC backed bank deposits? Um, gee guys, but is that the money I'm supposed to feel good about?

Monday, September 15, 2008

Christian Liars

For many years I have wondered what sort of rationalization it takes for Christians to tell lies. Somehow lying isn't that much of a sin in Christianity. It's seen as somewhat of a Santa Claus thing, it's OK to do it as long as someone benefits from it. But why? Why isn't lying just as much a sin as any other sin? Why doesn't the truth matter for Christians?
If you approach a Christian with this thesis, she will deny it. She will look at you as though you've lost your mind. She doesn't lie. Bush doesn't lie. McCain doesn't lie. Palin isn't telling lies. But in even my own personal experience working for Christians and having Christians in my extended family, I know how easy it is for these Christians to repeat obvious lies. And the lies clearly benefit the liars.
I'm not talking about run-of-the-mill liberal Christians here either. I'm talking about Bible-thumping right-wing "fundamentalists" who point fingers when they see sinners. I'm talking about right-to-lifers and anti-gay activists, people who are delighted to commit themselves or their children to the mission field. I'm talking about solid "family values" Republicans. I'm talking about people who you would think would know that the Bible doesn't advocate lying. Or am I wrong about that? Does the Bible justify lying for Christians? If so, where? Give me book, chapter, and verse.
This weekend something relating to this occurred to me that I hadn't really paid much attention to before.
Years ago, fundamentalist preachers used to preach and write about how Christians need to separate themselves from the world. God's domain is heavenly. The world belongs to Satan. Christians need to separate themselves from Satan's realm, die to it spiritually, and be born again into God's heavenly realm, not through physical death but through the "born-again" experience of salvation and righteous church-based living and fellowship.
I don't attend church anymore, but in the trailing years of my church attendance there was some controversy over that concept of separation. It was argued that Christians couldn't effectively witness to the "unsaved" if they were separated from them and if they held themselves to somehow be living more righteously when in truth we all know we are sinners. Salvation-based righteousness seemed hypocritical to the unsaved even if not to the saved. Because of this controversy, the idea of Christian separation from the world slipped into the shadows. It became, for those who still believed it, something that was kept in the closet.
But the basic concept that there is God's heavenly realm and then there is the world has remained strong in right-wing Christianity. And it is clearly understood that when you pray or when you read your Bible or when you fellowship with your Christian brothers and sisters you don't lie. You are in the presence of God or the Holy Spirit when you do those things and lying in that presence would of course be a sin.
But outside of that realm, when you are in the world, dealing with worldly ideas and powers and problems, you aren't dealing with God. Satan rules the world. The Bible tells you so. So how can it be considered a sin to lie to Satan?
So I ask again. Give me book, chapter, and verse to justify telling lies to the world. Clearly you do it for your own personal gain. Explain why that is not tarnishing your soul when you do it, when you make that bargain with the Devil. We all stand at the crossroads every day, every moment of our lives. We all face the same temptation - join Satan in the bargain and gain personally in the world or stand with God and your commitment to truth and suffer the consequences. Where in the Bible are you told to strike that bargain with the Devil?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bush Doctrine

The bloggers on the left have for days been discussing how Sarah Palin fumbled her way through the Charlie Gibson questions about the "Bush doctrine." But I have to give the credit here to Palin. If someone sat me down and in the middle of an interview asked me what my views were of the Bush doctrine, I wouldn't have a clue what I was being asked about. I might ask instead of trying to pretend I knew, but I don't think the Left is winning anyone from the center or the Right with all this criticism. Chances are most Americans are as clueless to this phrase as I am and would side with Palin in this criticism.
There was another similar situation in the Gibson interview regarding "entitlements." I still haven't figured out what that's about but something about Social Security and Medicare not being entitlements? What the f***... Coulda fooled me!
Are the left trying to outsmart themselves or something? This is a sure course to defeat if they are. Palin may be somewhat clueless but so are the people who will elect her to the White House. We aren't winning any political points by pointing out that she is clueless about the things the majority of Americans are clueless about.