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Comments, dreams, stories, and rantings from a middle-aged native of Maine living on a shoestring and a prayer in the woods of Maine. My portion of the family farm is to be known as Eden Hill Farm just because I want to call it that and because that's the closest thing to the truth that I could come up with. If you enjoy what I write, email me or make a comment. If you enjoy Eden Hill, come visit.

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Friday, July 03, 2009


Well now here's a curious little glitch. I've always used Front Page to write my blog. It's easier that way. I could save my work along the way, use Front Page to format links, spell check, then copy and paste into the Blogger editing window.
All of a sudden that no longer works. I can't paste from the Windows Clipboard into the Blogger editing window, even using the Ctrl-V keyboard shortcut. I can paste into the "Title" text box and into the "Labels for this post" text box, but not into the main edit box.
Well frig, eh?