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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Pressure Washing

I spent the day today pressure washing a summer home on Wilson Pond. I was damp most of the day, but it was a mild day for September. I'm using the pressure washer to remove the old stain and clearcoat finish on western cedar siding trimmed with white pine. The old finish seems to be hosting mildew even though the place is only a dozen years old. My approach is to strip it with the pressure washer and then when it is dry, finish it with an oil stain that will soak into the wood. I've stained about a third of the house so far and it looks really good. I just hope it will stay looking that good for a few years.
But my cold isn't thanking me for breathing all that mildew mist today. Perhaps the remnants of Hurricane Francis will keep me inside for a few days to help me recover.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude, the hat in that picture does nothing for you.

6:16 PM, September 10, 2004  

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