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Tuesday, March 13, 2018


I just awoke from a dream.
I think maybe it just might be true that the person who does our dreaming is not the person we are.

Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Styx - American Religion Debate

This conversation is just what I've been waiting for for the past five or more decades.

Styx, my Vermont long-haired hero, takes on an unbelievably nasty in-your-face master of fallacy debater who doesn't seem to care what anybody else sees or believes, he knows beyond any doubt that Christianity is the truth. Everything otherwise is somehow immoral and heretical and heathen and just plain evil if the listener paraphrases his hype.

Sorry, but unfuckin' believable how Christianity is defended.

Thursday, March 01, 2018

666 on Fifth

Who'd a thunk that 666 Fifth Avenue in New York City would be owned by the family of the son-in-law of the President of the United States?!

Google that address for some interesting reading.

Sunday, February 25, 2018


(Originally intended to be an email to a friend)

I was just up in the kitchen getting a snack and something dawned on me that probably should have dawned on me a long time ago.

Back in 1997 I think it was, but maybe '96, I had a student in the computer class I was teaching and there was this attraction that seemed mutual between her and me and eventually after the semester was over it turned into a risky romance kind of thing. It never went beyond kissing but she had me seriously infatuated with her. My wife found out or I told her but I remember my wife saying this girl's mother was a serious alcoholic. Then she told me how abusive people like this girl's mother will quite often get their kids to work really hard at trying to please the abusive parent. I couldn't make sense of that when she told it to me and I haven't made sense of it since although I imagined it was true.

Well a few minutes ago it finally did make sense.

You know that my wife treats me like I'm from the devil, going so far as to tell some people she thought I had demons. She's never really come out and admitted that it was a stupid thing for her to do or to think which leads me to believe she still thinks that way. She treats me as though nothing I do for her could possibly be the Lord working through me.

Well I got to thinking and I realized that my reaction to her treating me that way has been to prove to her that I am a deserving person.

[  Large hammer drops on Bill's head sending bright flashes of realization throughout his brain  ]

In other words she says these verbally abusive things specifically to get me to try to prove myself by working hard for her.

I left her a note explaining this on the refrigerator door. She's at church right now with all her Christian friends.


Sunday, February 18, 2018

School Shootings

I would think that in the mind of some deranged teenager, deranged by what God only knows but deranged just the same, the prospect of carrying one or more weapons into a school with the intent of using said weapons would be significantly impaired - deterred - by the fear of knowing that every teacher, administrator, and custodian in that school - any and every school - was highly trained and well armed to defend the lives and safety of all of the students and adults in that school. It must be an enormous temptation for a deranged young mind to know without a doubt that she (or he) can carry guns into a school and kill people when absolutely nobody in that school is equipped to fight back.
Call me crazy, but what else can we do if we want our children safe?
Turning these insane school shootings into political footballs and then not doing anything to protect the children, our children, virtually defines INSANITY.
Just one man's opinion I know... certainly not the official consensus. The official consensus is more like to let these shootings happen so we can fight political battles to disarm the public so nobody can rise up against Communism when it finally arrives.
Why aren't our kids insisting that the adults responsible for their safety are prepared to fight back? How can one deranged kid shoot up a school where no adult in that school is allowed to fight back? How did we get this screwed up?

Friday, February 09, 2018

Trolling the 2018 Olympics

I was thinking this morning what better way to pass the time while I'm housebound this time of the year than watching some of the Olympics.

Right now I'm watching a video introducing the 2018 Olympics and it's a spectacular video.

I was just listening to another YouTube video, watching other videos but listening to this enormously negative prelude by god knows who to the very same magical events, the fear facets. Amazing contrast.

So I hope I'll often be in the mood to be watching this year's Olympics, unique in that it is in Korea this winter, the South side. The location looks spectacular and they're all saying how cold it is over there right now. Cold is a good thing for winter Olympics. Don't let anyone convince you otherwise.

Also getting to me more unique every year is the amount and quality of the coverage online. That turns it into sort of a learning experience if you're new to these athletics and athletes. Maybe I could make it like attending university somewhere where I get a good look inside the learning environment and the people involved in the events.

Dahhhhh... Nahhhhhh Probably not. I'd rather be outside in the cold.

Thursday, February 08, 2018

Nasty SH*T

This is just one man's opinion, but...

This news article...