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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Waiting Season

There's a season of the year here in Maine that many people have never heard of. It comes late in winter when the rest of the world is celebrating early spring, or for years like this it hangs around till most of the nation is in full spring bloom.

It's mud season... again

When it's mud season there's normally still quite an accumulation of the past winter's snow that has aways to go still before it's gone. Under and all around that old snow is wet soft ground, the kind that if you step in it or drive in it, well it just turns to mud.

So we don't step in it and if we can help it we don't drive in it. Instead, we wait. We wait for the snow to all melt. We wait for the spring water table to drop back down to normal. We wait for spring rains to harden up our dirt roads and our driveways. We don't wait for the frost heaves to go back down or get repaired but if we have any sympathy at all for our cars we drive slower until they do.

We wait for the frost to go out of the ground and for our gardens to dry up enough to get back in them so we can till something other than mud.

And we wait for ice-out. We wait till we can look out over the ponds and lakes and see beautiful blue water again. We're still waiting for that. Heck we're still waiting for the whole thing to warm up, dry out, and become spring!

I drove up to the airport today and went for a long walk. Most of the snow is gone now around all the crushed slate at the airport taxiway construction site. They should be coming back after mud season. There is an enormous amount of crushed black shale (slate) in piles where they ran rock crushers all last fall.

Then I walked the dirt roads from the airport down to the outlet of Wilson Pond taking the side road into the old hydro generator station. I was surprised to see as much water as there was in Wilson Stream. It couldn't have been more than a week ago the last time I went to Wilson Pond and the water level was way down. After the power house side trail I went to the public boat launch, still closed for the winter, and found that the water level now in Wilson Pond is almost back to its normal summer level.

From there I walked the shore road across to Walden's Landing and couldn't help but notice how all the spring brooks are carrying off all the runoff from the melting snow.

So I say to myself, self, you know what that means, don't you? It means all signs of winter will be gone before we know it! Then a few weeks later, mud season will be done and we can all stop waiting.


Tuesday, April 11, 2017


To believe is to make a judgement that something is true.
Judgement is a sin.

More Normal

I wonder if "more normal" is anything like "more perfect"? In other words I wonder if it's even possible to be more normal than normal. Or is "more normal" something less than normal but not so much less as to be abnormal? Closer to normal. Or is it just not possible to be more normal?
But listening to right-wing news and commentary today and listening to left-wing media outlets all weekend leaves me thinking that everything seems just about back to normal now, like as if Trump had actually been entitled to be President and won the election and is now the President.
Rush Limbaugh has even gone back to his usual spin saying just what you'd expect him to say about Syria and Putin, no mention of Israel, defense of United Airlines in the current scandal.
Even Alex Jones has found a way to get back to normal. I thought for a moment there that Infowars would explode, self-destruct, from Trump's obvious betrayal for the Deep State but they found just the right spin to satisfy everybody.
Nobody knows the truth.

Friday, April 07, 2017

Let Down

I feel the same way I felt when G.W. Bush declared he was going to war in Iraq because, for one thing, Saddam Hussein used chemical weapons against his own people, or at least that was the claim of America's intelligence community.
But no point in reinventing the wheel by writing about how this makes me feel when it's already been expressed so eloquently. Here's Paul Joseph Watson (or at least here he is as long as YouTube lets him be on their turf)...
The Truth About Trump's Air Strike on Syria
Trump - and America with him - if he continues down this NeoCon path, is going to be in deep deep dung. Remember when we realized that Obama was essentially Bush's third term? What's it up to now, term 5?
It's a charade. It's all a big nasty deadly charade. It's covert.
It's covert.
It's covert.
Did you get that? It's not the way it appears. It's covert. Trump included.
But who am I to say, eh?
I'm just glad someone else is out there saying it.
Something nobody is mentioning yet anyway is the amazing coincidence that just hours (not days) after Trump attacked Syria's military, Trump's Supreme Court choice was confirmed by the Senate following months of stonewalling.
Just coincidence, right? I mean this isn't how our government actually works, is it?
Actually I think the first time I remember having this same sinking feeling about a Republican President was when Nixon kept escalating Democrat Lyndon Johnson's Vietnam War after assuring the American public repeatedly that he was seeking peace.
I wonder if there have ever been - since the Sixties at least - any American wars that didn't involve the growing and distribution of drugs by the CIA. Google the Opium Wars if you don't believe us English-speaking Whites are capable of such underhanded monkey business.
Things are not what they appear to be. Think "covert".
Read Terry Reed's Compromised.
Update Saturday April 8
There's nothing like war to unite the mainstream media in this country. Since Trump's election victory last November all the mainstream media outlets except one have been unabashedly anti-Trump, pro Obama, pro Clinton, the one exception being Fox News which has been the Trump administration's prime time apologist. All of a sudden all the media outlets are blowing the same horn in harmony. Even Fox has gone gung-ho for Obama's war against Syria.
Bear in mind for a moment that Syria is at war against the same ideology that brought about the 9/11 attacks. The names have changed and the geography is different but the objective is the same, drive out foreign imperial power in the Middle East and establish Muslim Sharia Law.
Syria is on our side against Islamic totalitarian control of the Middle East.
Russia is on our side against Islamic totalitarian control of the Middle East.
Yet the mainstream media has for quite some time now trumpeted the view that Syria and Russia both are America's enemies in the Middle East.
Pay attention to this observation:
As far as I know, nobody has made the claim that either the Syrian government or Russia favor Sharia Law or Islamic terrorism.
...and this:
Many alternative news theorists have proposed that the United States covertly supports - directly, covertly, and through its allies - the Islamic extremists who oppose the influence of the world's imperial powers in the Middle East. It has been the function of mainstream media in the West to mask this fact.
Again, since this is not an easy concept to embrace, independent observers report that the United States secretly, covertly, supports those who attacked us on 9/11.
It is no secret that back in the 1980's under Ronald Reagan's authority the United States trained, armed, and paid for the radical Islamic forces that drove Russia out of Afghanistan.
Ever since then, though, it has been a tightly-kept secret that the United States is continuing that same effort.
Get this... It is - get that, it is! - a secret that the United States and its allies support Islamic extremists in the Middle East. We and our allies seem to train, arm, and fund any group which stands in opposition to the Syrian government, but we do it in secret behind the backs of the American public and lie about it whenever anyone mentions the truth. The function of Western mainstream media is to convince us that this reality just isn't true, to convince us that the US government's lies are the real truth.
We were aware of how this works way back when it was going on relative to the Vietnam War.
We were aware of how this works back during the second Iraq War after America's 2003 invasion. We eventually realized the lies. Fox News seemed to be the one exception back then. They didn't seem to wish to acknowledge the possibility that President Bush and his team lied to us using the mainstream media as a propaganda tool.
But we are not aware that the same thing is happening now under Trump.
Fox's Hannity seems to be on the bandwagon here in harmony with the mainstream media.
That comes as no surprise. Ever since Obama defeated John McCain, Fox News has advocated for the Neo-Con agenda.
The one exception in all of the US government, the one lone voice of reason and truth, seems to be Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, Democrat, war veteran, politician, truth-teller. Listen to the points she makes in her interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson.
I'd like to find a more reasonable understanding of all this. But where would I even begin to look for it?

Monday, February 13, 2017

Cannabis for Women's Health and Wellness

I get daily headlines from a site called care2. Today's top article was this:

Is Cannabis the Women’s Wellness Cure We’ve Been Waiting for?

I've never really hung out with any women friends who were comfortable using cannabis. I would imagine it might have been an intriguing experience. I think most people are just too afraid to experiment. But this article reflects a new way of looking at this healthy herb.

Monday, February 06, 2017

Climate Change

I can remember a time when I thought it was correct to spell global warming by capitalizing the words, Global Warming. Same with Climate Change. Like the way a respectful person might capitalize the word God.

Foolish me, eh?

From the House Committee on Science, Space, & Technology dated yesterday February 5:
Former NOAA Scientist Confirms Colleagues Manipulated Climate Records

Is it possible that the world will once again open debate on this issue to actual "science" or has science's credibility been forever melted into distortion by this hot political football?

Who do you believe?

Friday, February 03, 2017

Orwellian Reich

I've watched some of the video of the riot at Berkeley the other evening where a student protest against a controversial homosexual Jewish news commentator turned violent.

Earlier today I came across this video from InfoWars where Berkeley professor Robert Reich gives instructions on how to protest against Republican hate.

So then this evening I see on a CNN interview where the very same Robert Reich tries to imply that it was not leftist Berkeley students participating in the violence but rumor has it that instead it was right wing Trump supporters.

Perhaps he's right but it seems unlikely. It seems more likely that if the instigators of violence are paid insurgents there would be a far higher likelihood they would be working for the kind of people who instigated the riots in the Ukraine in 2014. I was reading that Soros had something (major) to do with those? Maybe? Google it.

But hey, maybe it was Russian infiltrators at Berkeley, eh? Maybe the Russians instigated the 2014 riots in the Ukraine too just to get the Ukrainian people to overthrow their Russian-friendly government and cozy up to European interests instead. Now there's an Orwellian idea if there ever was one. Blame everything on those nasty Russians.

I never did like Reich much but I can't imagine wasting good tuition money on him. The word sniveling comes to mind, not sure why. Imagine spending semesters listening to whiny nasal leftist revolutionary bullshit. But I'm sure none of his admirers see him through that distorted lens.
Me bad.

Update 2/6/17
I heard something online about outsiders dressed in black Ninja-like outfits instigating the violence. I'm sure once those Ninja folks arrived all the good Leftist Berkeley student protestors saw the light and ended their own foolish behavior. Yes? No?
Kids these days, like a bunch of brainwashed infants.
Wake up little children. Time to go to school to learn how to conform. No independent thinking allowed in your narrow left-wing ideals.

Update 2/7/17
A message to all you indignant Nazi-hate loving leftist protesters...

Trump, Hitler, and the Millennial Hero Complex