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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Windows 10 Microsoft Edge Hotmal Glitch

Looks like I spoke too soon (read my post below).
The problem has returned already. Sad face :^(

I use Hotmail as my primary email and have been using it for somewhere around twenty years now. Last Saturday, about the time Irma was swiping the coast of Cuba, Hotmail decided to start sending multiple emails whenever I hit Send. To make things worse, an error message came up suggesting I didn't have an Internet connection so after testing my connection, I hit Send again and presto, another 8 to 13 duplicate emails were sent again despite the fact that Hotmail gave me the same error message.
I tried Googling the problem but with no luck. Finally after four days of this it dawned on me to Google the exact wording of the error message. Google gave me only one result, a Microsoft forum.
One of the responses gave an 8-step solution that seems to have worked. So far so good at least. I've sent myself two test messages and everything worked correctly, no errors and no duplicates.
So here's the error message and the solution:
"Error: The message can't be sent because your device isn't connected to the Internet. Try again when you regain connectivity."
Here's the solution from Microsoft:
  1. Launch Edge.
  2. Click the icon with the three horizontal lines. 
  3. Click the clock icon to show the History pane.
  4. Click Clear all history.
  5. Check Browsing History.
  6. Check Cookies and saved website data.
  7. Check Cached data and files.
  8. Click Clear.
My thanks to Ron Sommer

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Greek Oregano in the Maine Highlands

Two or three years ago I started a small rock garden out in my back yard for growing some Greek oregano from seed that I am thinking came from Fedco down in Clinton just off I-95. For years I had a small oregano patch that never did much growing but did come back year after year despite its shady location. I attribute its survival to compost-enriched soil more than to any other factor. Who'd a thunk something like oregano would grow up here in the Maine Highlands!
This summer my rock garden oregano patch finally thrived, most likely because last winter I cut quite a few of the mostly linden shade trees that have for decades been expanding their reach over and under my back yard garden. So last month I harvested a very large fistful of fresh green oregano stalks just as the plants were flowering. They've been hanging overhead downstairs by the woodstove and have been dry for weeks. Today I decided I'd see just what it was that I had so I took a large stainless bowl and crumpled my dry treasure by hand to get as many of the stems out as I could. What I wound up with from my tiny rock garden was more than a quart jar full of oregano spice.
To test the worth of this new treasure I heated a can of Campbell's Tomato Soup mixed with some raw cucumber and carrot relish that I made yesterday and a teaspoon at least of this oregano. I overcooked the soup but let me tell you, eating that soup was an oregano experience! My head nearly ignited with oregano flavor!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Energy News

I came across a link on YouTube this morning and clicked to watch. The  video is of a talk given by one of the co-founders of Greenpeace. He outlines his history in Greenpeace taking his own history back to growing up in Winter Harbor, a remote village on the northwest shore of Vancouver Island off the coast of British Columbia. His name is Patrick Moore.
You've no doubt heard, even recently, that carbon dioxide threatens to destroy life as we know it, in large part because of once Vice President Al Gore's movie. We've heard that there is no debate, science now knowing all the facts we need to impede carbon consumption regardless of the impact on civilization. We've no doubt very recently heard or read that 97% of scientists are in agreement.
Then there are people like this:
Greenpeace Co-Founders Warns of Global Climate Change Scam / Global Warming Hoax !

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Anyone Can Be President

In the United States, can anyone be elected President or are we represented by a ruling class? If it's the ruling class thing, which in most people's minds it seems to be, then what disqualifies the Trump family from that class of people? What makes them unqualified? What disqualifies me? For that matter what disqualifies you or your children or grandchildren or anybody else that you know or are related to?

Saturday, July 01, 2017

Nine Eleven Soda

Recently I have been asking myself why nobody talks about how when you watch the videos of the Twin Towers falling down you see all these plumes of material arching upward, then outward, then downward. What could possibly cause such a seemingly impossible phenomenon in the strictly gravitational collapse of such a heavy structure? Shouldn't everything be going down instead of up? Gravity makes things fall down, not up. Explosions make things "blow up".

The answer must be an obvious one since nobody talks about it. I was watching this video this morning on YouTube and this is by far the best video I have seen showing these arching plumes yet the narrator doesn't mention their initially upward trajectory.

So I have to conclude that the answer must be so simple it would just not even dawn on anybody that an explanation is necessary, that some mindless nitwit like me wouldn't just automatically know what these things are from.

Well after thinking about it all day it finally dawned on me. There are so many of these things blowing up it must be from something that would be everywhere throughout the building and that would, when crushed, explode. Bearing in mind that this was some sixteen years ago, what else could it possibly be from other than the crushing of all the Coke and Pepsi machines?

Friday, June 30, 2017


Uneducated people like me are allowed to ask stupid questions, aren't we? So here's my stupid question of the month:

How does gravity escape a black hole?

Update: (less than an hour later)

E gad, another stupid question... That makes two in less than an hour...

Isn't the Big Bang proof that things can escape from a black hole? I mean, how can all the mass of the entire universe be squeezed into something the size of let's say a pea and it not be a black hole? So if it was a black hole and it went ka-boom! how did anything escape?

The answers that educated people give to questions like this don't seem like answers at all. They seem more like fudge.

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Trump/Clinton - A New Voice

I just came across this YouTube video about the problem the Democratic Party is beginning to realize it has. This guy reminds me of people my age way back in the Vietnam era, a common sensible New England modernist.