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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Awake in the Night 11/21/18

I woke up in the night and found that I had left my computer on. It had been playing a parade of videos while I slept so I walked it back to a video I had remembered watching. I took notes.
Here's what I found:

Woke up to this:
Benghazi Whistleblowers – The story behind the cover-up - CTM #670

This had just fnished:
Explosive CTM Full interview - Robert Snodgres

Before that:
Field McConnell - "Treasonous Acts" - Operation Classified

Before that:
Globalist Agenda 21 Agents Take Away Property Rights - Anthony J Hilder

Before that:
The Plan To Burn Up California 2 - Deborah Tavares

Before that:
Fire The Plan To Burn Up California 1 - Deborah Tavares

Before that:
The Genocidal California Fire Operation

Before that:
Malibu residents flee massive wildfire

Before that
Hundreds of Structures Feared Destroyed in Butte County Wildfire

Before that:
Wow!! State of Emergency As Fire Burns Down California

Before that:
The HORRIBLE TRUTH About The Northern California Fires

Before that
California Gets Cooked | Fires Created by Microwave Directed Energy Weapon

I rememberd this video
Nearly 1,000 still missing in California wildfires

Saturday, November 17, 2018


As some of my readers may know by now, I have issues with "science".
Here's a TED Talk by Rupert Sheldrake that expresses some of my concerns. He presents his views in simple language.

I like things simple.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Another Day of Global Warming

I've been sort of just hiding out in the house today. The shades are drawn and I've had little inclination to open them. Why? Because it's snowing. It snowed Saturday too but not as much as today. I swear there's close to a foot of new snow out there. The snowblower is still broken too.

The fact is it shouldn't be snowing this much this early in the season. It should be warmer. It should be raining.


Because of Global Warming, like duhhh…

Did you know that there are rational educated professionals and scientists who don't think Global Warming is valid science?


97 percent of all scientists living on this planet believe in Global Warming?

Well this guy doesn't. Check it out.

Evening… hours and hours later!

Well weren't that fun, shoveling snow in the drizzle. This sudden transition from mid autumn to winter has me in a bit of culture shock. Well more like depression but culture shock is a good euphemism.
For years I have used those wide-bladed aluminum grain shovels for shoveling snow. Did I say years? I meant decades. When the snowblower isn't working it's shovel time. Today's snow was the kind of snow where I wound up using car wax on the shovel blade. An aluminum shovel isn't very light with heavy wet snow stuck to it. I did wind up cheating though. Over half of the driveway I just packed down with the Subaru. That was a test, by the way. We bought the car (a 2006 Outback) this summer and I bought new 4-season Pirelli tires for it a month or so back so I wanted to see just how well the car did in seven or eight inches of damp snow. It passed with flying colors!

So then I went to bed and turned on the electric blanket and watched music videos on YouTube, the blues. You know, I think I just figured out what it is about music that impresses me so much, I mean besides the talent it takes to make good music. It's that music turns sound into substance. In my mind the substance is a flowing liquid magic infused with feelings and ideas that lift the spirit. It's food for the soul.
My cup runneth over with blues.

Energy Abundance

Energy truth or fiction?
Energy abundance is something we don't hear much about in the Fake News universe. Is this guy talking truth or is this fiction?

Sunday, November 11, 2018

The Crock Pot

Hey we got something new yesterday. We went shopping in Bangor and stopped by the Goodwill store.
Did I say new? It's not exactly new. It's a Crock Pot, an original Rival. Hard to tell how old it is but I'm thinking by the scratches in the paint on the back side this thing has spent decades pushed back against the wall on someone's grandmother's counter. So gramma passed it on and granddaughter sold it at the yard sale and whoever bought it had it for a dozen years and never used it and finally gave it to Goodwill. It doesn't seem to have much use on it. The plastic cover is still transparent, as opposed to the translucent cover on the other one that was there.
I washed it and am cooking a beef roast with carrots and an onion and chopped celery and tons of spices for the trial run.
First thing I noticed when I got it turned on was that there was no indicator to show that it's on, not even a little red light, and certainly no digital control panel. There is one rotary switch where the pointer can point to Off, Low, or High. That's it, simple as that. I do love simple. It's like OK what is there about a 1991 Mazda Miata that appeals to me the most. It's that the car is simple.

As opposed to this YouTube video which is anything but simple...
Israel: Trump and the "Russian" Mafia