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Friday, November 02, 2007


It appears that President Bush has changed the equation back to where it was just after 9/11. If you recall, before 9/11 Bush didn't have much concern about Osama bin Laden. Once the Trade Center was down, everything became about bin Laden, including overthrowing the governments of Afghanistan and Iraq. But then in 2004 when Bush was running for re-election against John Kerry, Bush downplayed the importance of bin Laden in one of the presidential campaign debates. Bush had more important things to think about than worrying about the location of bin Laden. Remember that?
Well now it seems that bin Laden is the equivalent of Hitler and Lenin (not John, silly). Yahoo! News covers a Bush speech to the Heritage Foundation. I was alerted to this on today's morning news on public radio comparing the significance of bin Laden to the American commanders on the ground.
"When it comes to funding our troops, some in Washington should spend more time responding to the warnings of terrorists like Osama bin Laden and the requests of our commanders on the ground," Bush said, "and less time responding to the demands of MoveOn.org bloggers and Code Pink protesters."
Apparently, that's who we now take our marching orders from, bin Laden and the "commanders on the ground" whenever they faithfully serve George Bush.
In other words, Congress should now take its orders from George Bush and Osama bin Laden, the two great world leaders.
I wonder if the "commanders on the ground" have ever suggested to the Pentagon that we should capture bin Laden.