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Thursday, January 31, 2019


In my 1982 version of Webster's New World Dictionary the word "paradox" is immediately preceded by the words "paradigm" and "paradise". Dictionaries are so cool.

In any case, the word "paradox" seems to be exactly what it means. The word's meaning - in this dictionary at least - seems to contradict itself. Perhaps in a perfect world, paradise, there would be an easily perceived paradigm shift that would make this not be a contradiction?

The contradiction I speak of is this.
The first definition given is, "a statement that seems contradictory, absurd, etc. but may be true in fact".
The second definition given is, "a statement that contradicts itself and is false".
There is a third definition but these two seem adequate to validate my claim, I would think. Is a paradox a statement that is true or is it a statement that is false or do those two definitions not contradict one another? What a paradox!
The third definition given is, "a person, situation, etc. that seems inconsistent or full of contradictions".
How true...

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Roger Stone Fox News and CNN

Well here is a video that should be archived for eternity. Fox News's Tucker Carlson reviews how it happened that CNN just happened to be on hand to let people around the world witness a travesty of justice.
If you can, please watch this video. It's only a few minutes long.

Tucker Carlson: Roger Stone raid shows that CNN is no longer covering Robert Mueller. They're working with him

Monday, January 28, 2019

Why Hillary Lost in 2016

Followers of the mainstream media have, for the past two years, been mystified by the defeat of Hillary Clinton in 2016 to Donald Trump. Hillary's supporters including the mainstream media have been telling the world that Russia did it. Had it not been for Russian interference, Hillary would have easily defeated Donald Trump, or so they claim.
Back in 2016 it was my own personal opinion that Hillary didn't stand a chance against Trump. I was surprised and dismayed by how close the vote actually was. I don't think I was alone in that sentiment either.
But why, you ask - or at least you should be asking if you are a follower of mainstream media. Why was I surprised that Hillary got as many votes as she did?

How could Trump have possibly won?

Perhaps, if you are curious, you might find some insight in some of these YouTube videos posted and viewed prior to the election.

There's this one about the Podestas dated November 5, 2016:
Empire Files: Abby Martin Exposes John Podesta

There's this one about Hillary dated April 7, 2016:
Empire Files: Abby Martin Exposes What Hillary Clinton Really Represents

Then there's this one, predating these past two, published November 1, 2015, over a year before the 2016 election:
Hillary Clinton: A Career Criminal

Believe me, there were many more like these.
Oddly enough these aren't conspiracy theories. These are observed facts that voters in America were pondering when deciding who to vote for.

And what did the Democrats have to counter these facts?
The Access Hollywood Tape
There were many left wing conspiracy theories about Donald Trump's sex life including many mischaracterizations of what Trump was actually saying in that tape. I look at that tape and say that's a pretty disgusting way of talking about women but I see it as just that, Trump talking about the bimbos that chase rich men around for their money, not how he actually treated women. Nobody has ever shown me in that tape where Trump says he liked to do those things to women. Yes he admits to falling for a woman's beauty to the point of offering to lavishly reward her, but that's it. The rest is about dipshit money grabbing women in general.
By the way, liberated women don't have much respect for that kind of woman either so what's the big deal?

Yes we went to the polls and plugged our noses and prayed to God for the best, but we knew we had to defeat Hillary.
That's the real reason why she lost, just in case you have forgotten, or never knew.

Seth Rich

My YouTube gift for today was a video published on May 24, 2017 by a favorite of mine - reallygraceful - concerning the murder in the summer of 2016 of a DNC staffer who, in the opinion of many, was the person who leaked the DNC emails to Wikileaks, an act that has been blamed on Donald Trump and the evil Russians. The latest poo on the subject has Roger Stone somehow at the center of focus. Roger Stone was arrested last Friday in grand fashion witnessed mysteriously by CNN as if it was political theater staged for the masses to prove Trump's guilt.

Anyway, this reallygraceful video is the best summery I have ever seen of the Seth Rich murder mystery. What she reveals puts the mainstream media's coverage of the event to shame.

Murder of Seth Rich

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Today's Ride

You need to watch this to the end, or at least watch the final challenge.

2018 Honda Gold Wing Tour vs. 2018 BMW K1600 Grand America - On Two Wheels

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Motorcycle Adventure

If I hadn't taken a nap today I might be asleep by now. Instead here I am watching a bunch of guys motorcycling in the Himalayas!
Himalayan Motorcycle Adventure - Full movie
So I just subscribed to their MAD channel. I almost think motorcycle adventure videos might be my newest addiction.

Larger than Life

I was just moving a few things around in my room when I came to my MaiSto 1949 Ford convertible. Since coming across the remains of one such Ford, me being a true 49'r and all, it has grown on me that it would be a perfect car for me. I'd settle for its cousins like maybe that era of Thunderbird that, as I recall, one of my daughter's high school friends drove around for awhile. A coupe would do. Did they make those in convertibles back then? The Miata came out in what, '89, 90, and this Thunderbird must have been more recent than those.
What else might qualify for me, a Mustang convertible for sure. The '49 had flathead V-8s. I used to drive a '97  Ford pickup with the 4.6 and that engine always reminded me of the old flathead V-8 that I learned to drive a truck with, somehow it had torque similar to the old flathead. Any Mustang since, was it '95?, offered that engine design, or at least I assume it was the same design, from '95 on up to when they upgraded the 5.0 for the Mustang V-8. I'm sure a gas-sipping V-6 does just fine in a Mustang but there'd be more potential for excitement with the energy of a V-8 Ford carrying me around.

Anyway when I went to move this '49 off the top of a low bookcase I pictured what I might paint it if I had one for real and was thinking of colors. This model is dark gray and cream inside and a cream cover over the retracted roof. I'd be open to colors inside whatever car I had but if I painted her in yellow and white she'd be my daisy, a sleeper car. I'd drive her very slowly, you might even call it being lazy. So I think her name would be Lazy Daisy. Good name for a car don't you think?

I Googled Lazy Daisy and this Virginia store chain came up:
Lazy Daisy Gift Store

My mind is into motion at the moment and I know the reason why. I just finished watching the most active take you along for the ride comedy maybe even ever. Bill Murray is the star but his costar is an elephant and she is absolutely charming!
Larger than Life

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Hey Democrats

Got an hour to set your head straight about what Trump means by "the swamp"?


Saturday, January 12, 2019

Whitewash Day

One of the first things I noticed today when browsing the news was that there all of a sudden seemed to be a sea change in the mainstream media's coverage of the Russiagate story. I didn't save the news link but the headline seemed to indicate some sort of media apologetics explaining how the FBI was justified in opening its investigation of Trump on suspicion that he and his campaign during the 2016 election had colluded with leaders in the Russian government. I didn't read the article. Why should I? It was clearly just another dump on Trump by the media.
But it's evening now and I had some time so I Googled to see what might come up. Low and behold there was a New York Times story published yesterday (January 11, 2019) titled, according to a Fox News report today, "F.B.I. Opened Inquiry into Whether Trump was Secretly Working on Behalf of Russia".
It's not clear what prompted the New York Times to publish this apology for the FBI but just the day before, on Thursday, RT posted this video on YouTube suggesting some seriously erroneous reporting on the part of the New York Times concerning Russiagate.
Anyway, the New York Times article published yesterday and other mainstream news articles published today seem to be saying that the FBI opened its investigation of Trump after Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, something Trump didn't have the power to do until he had been sworn into office. He was sworn in on January 20, 2017. Here's a New York Times article dated May 9, 2017 reporting on Trump's firing of Comey.
I feel as though I have just been transported into George Orwell's 1984 nightmare.
Well because in the May 9, 2017 article, the New York Times reported that the FBI was investigating Trump for suspected collusion with Russia before Trump fired Comey, yet in yesterday's article the New York Times reported that the FBI investigation of Trump didn't start until after Trump had fired Comey.
So what gives?
If you ask me, and I am clearly biased by the attention I have been paying over the past three years to alternative media coverage of this story, the mainstream media is using this new version of their story to convince the public that the FBI investigation was justified because of the firing of the FBI director when the truth is that there was no justification at all - proof being that the New York Times felt the need to publish this deceptive rewrite of the narrative yesterday. The Mainstream media is deceiving us by failing to mention when the FBI actually began its investigation and making us think the reason was valid when in fact it was quite likely an illegal political abuse of FBI power justifying FBI director Comey's firing.
The job held by the main character in Orwell's 1984, if I remember correctly, was to rewrite the news to fit Big Brother's current narrative. How is this any different?

Update same day a few minutes later:
I know this guy is like fingernails on the blackboard, but here's a good sample of the alternative news perspective:
White House Responds to Bombshell NYT Trump-Russia Report: ‘This Is Absurd’

Monday, January 07, 2019

Draining the Swamp

YouTube offered me a video this morning that has me wondering why there aren't more people out there speaking the truth about government. I mean, this is the "Information Age" so why do people find it so difficult to calmly, clearly, yet eloquently and professionally speak truth to government.
"Political Corruption: Can the Swamp Be Drained?" - Kimberley Strassel

I fail to understand why it is more important in the public eye to publish the idea that Donald Trump had said, long before being the President, that he thought Paris Hilton looked sexy the first time he saw her. Snopes, whose veracity I trust just about as far as I could throw a full-grown elephant, addressed this claim and posted a hugely deceptive photograph of the young lady at or about the time of the encounter Trump speaks of, although in the photo she appears younger than 12. You can bet she didn't look little girlish to catch Trump's eye. But when asked if he wanted to bang her, Trump replied, quoting from Snopes (mind you he said this back in 2003):
“Well, at 12, I wasn’t interested,” Trump said, “I’ve never been into that … I’ve always stuck around that 25 category … but she was beautiful.”
But somehow this is important enough news this morning to make the headlines. The mainstream media can overlook the latest move by the left to legitimize pedophilia, at least according to some well-known alternative media voices, but Donald Trump, at some point in his adult life, thinking some girl looks sexy even though he's never been into that kind of thing, well that's headline news. Look at what a disgusting man our president is, eh?! The big boys and girls calling the shots in the mainstream media can overlook the fact that Obama's long-form birth certificate was generated years after Obama became President by a computer rather than by a photocopier, but a president who in his lifetime has been able to recognize a beautiful female when he sees one, oh my, oh my! What to think!
By the way, I was stunned by a twelve-year-old one time in my life too. Just once. She looked nothing like the girl in that Snopes photo. She didn't look 12, or 10, or whatever age you might guess the girl in that photo was. She could have easily passed for an 18 year-old, and a stunner at that.

Just another day in the life of corrupted politics...

Wednesday, January 02, 2019

The Googlesphere

I think maybe it's time to rename the Internet.
We can call it "The Googlesphere" defined as the reality that you find when you Google it.