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Thursday, January 31, 2019


In my 1982 version of Webster's New World Dictionary the word "paradox" is immediately preceded by the words "paradigm" and "paradise". Dictionaries are so cool.

In any case, the word "paradox" seems to be exactly what it means. The word's meaning - in this dictionary at least - seems to contradict itself. Perhaps in a perfect world, paradise, there would be an easily perceived paradigm shift that would make this not be a contradiction?

The contradiction I speak of is this.
The first definition given is, "a statement that seems contradictory, absurd, etc. but may be true in fact".
The second definition given is, "a statement that contradicts itself and is false".
There is a third definition but these two seem adequate to validate my claim, I would think. Is a paradox a statement that is true or is it a statement that is false or do those two definitions not contradict one another? What a paradox!
The third definition given is, "a person, situation, etc. that seems inconsistent or full of contradictions".
How true...


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