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Monday, January 07, 2019

Draining the Swamp

YouTube offered me a video this morning that has me wondering why there aren't more people out there speaking the truth about government. I mean, this is the "Information Age" so why do people find it so difficult to calmly, clearly, yet eloquently and professionally speak truth to government.
"Political Corruption: Can the Swamp Be Drained?" - Kimberley Strassel

I fail to understand why it is more important in the public eye to publish the idea that Donald Trump had said, long before being the President, that he thought Paris Hilton looked sexy the first time he saw her. Snopes, whose veracity I trust just about as far as I could throw a full-grown elephant, addressed this claim and posted a hugely deceptive photograph of the young lady at or about the time of the encounter Trump speaks of, although in the photo she appears younger than 12. You can bet she didn't look little girlish to catch Trump's eye. But when asked if he wanted to bang her, Trump replied, quoting from Snopes (mind you he said this back in 2003):
“Well, at 12, I wasn’t interested,” Trump said, “I’ve never been into that … I’ve always stuck around that 25 category … but she was beautiful.”
But somehow this is important enough news this morning to make the headlines. The mainstream media can overlook the latest move by the left to legitimize pedophilia, at least according to some well-known alternative media voices, but Donald Trump, at some point in his adult life, thinking some girl looks sexy even though he's never been into that kind of thing, well that's headline news. Look at what a disgusting man our president is, eh?! The big boys and girls calling the shots in the mainstream media can overlook the fact that Obama's long-form birth certificate was generated years after Obama became President by a computer rather than by a photocopier, but a president who in his lifetime has been able to recognize a beautiful female when he sees one, oh my, oh my! What to think!
By the way, I was stunned by a twelve-year-old one time in my life too. Just once. She looked nothing like the girl in that Snopes photo. She didn't look 12, or 10, or whatever age you might guess the girl in that photo was. She could have easily passed for an 18 year-old, and a stunner at that.

Just another day in the life of corrupted politics...


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