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Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Box

There is a box. Free thinkers may wish otherwise but they are powerless to prove their claims. The box is real.

It’s not made of cardboard, nor of wood, although its sides are normally as stiff as wood. They may be lined with lead for weight or steel for durability. Durability is what the contents desire. Life with very little change is their mantra.

I think for the most part all of us live in one box or another, one set of common bounds beyond which we are not to let our minds wander. Our worldview is that kind of thinking. It’s generally held by a consensus and it defines what we believe reality is. It can be a political creed, a scientific belief based on theory, a religion, a culture, a morality… the list goes on.

Few and far between are those who would rather spend their life in thoughts not allowed within the box. Few people would want to be detached, to be required to do their own reasoning, to live outside of the cultural morality and belief. We all know that some do live out there. We see signs of them. They change our world. But we don’t make it easy for them. Inside the box is security. Security is protection of fear by resistance to change. Every box is full of it even when it is empty.

The “Big Bang” theory lives in such a box. The red shift people reside there.

“Global Warming” has its box beyond whose sides no self-respecting scientist or responsible teacher is allowed.

Black holes, evolution… science is woven from boxes. Racial supremacy is a box. So is God’s judgment of the world. Boxes and boxes filled with believers held secure by rigid sides.

The box is real.