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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Elena Kagan

Jewish Supreme Court nominee...

whose hero, according to this article in U.S. News & World Report dated yesterday, was activist Israel Supreme Court judge Aharon Barak.

I find this article interesting in that it clarifies for me the problem with "progressive" activist judges. I have always thought a judge had a responsibility to the Constitution and to the original spirit of the law, but this clearly shows that is not the case.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Brilliant Idea!

Last week I got an email from Rick Redmond of Mainedems.org. That’s a wing of the Maine Democrats. Maine voters elected from a broad field of candidates an old-school big-cheese Democrat (originally a Southerner but now just a Mainer with some lingering southern accent. Maine Dems seem committed to repeating the mistake Massachusetts made filling the Ted Kennedy seat. We had a choice. Rosa Scarcelli offered us a fresh new perspective, a Democrat with a business background, but Maine Dems weren't buying that. So now we have the ultimate party faithful aging politician as our Democratic candidate running against a very likeable mayor of Waterville and business owner of the Mardens discount store chain as well as three - count them, 1, 2, 3 - independents who have made it to the ballot.

So what do the Dems do to kick off this fun campaign? Here's the intro to the email:


Dear William,
Please join Governor John E. Baldacci and Stephen King at a reception to meet the next governor of Maine, Democrat Libby Mitchell, in Boston.
Yesterday, Libby emerged as the victor in the Democratic Primary Election in Maine and will now face Republican Paul LePage and three independent candidates in the General Election on November 3. Libby is a Maine Clean Elections candidate and individual contributions to her campaign are prohibited.
Maine Victory 2010, the Democratic Coordinated Campaign, will be working hard to elect Democrats across the ticket this year. Please join Maine Victory 2010 in support all Maine Democrats by joining us in Boston on Tuesday, June 15.
Arden Manning, Campaign Manager
Maine Victory 2010


Good luck with that, Maine Dems. Seems like the best way there is in Maine to lose a campaign. Mainers aren't too fond of having their business managed from Boston.