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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Downright Stupid

Recently I have been just too busy to sit down and type out my thoughts. It's summertime in Maine and that means it is time to get things done outside. But I have a break today from my toils and so I am being lazy at the computer. One thing that I came across was a posting by the guy who banned me from his blog a few months ago because he is a Republican and I was so offensive and such a threat to his self-esteem. On July 15, he linked to this article:
"Who Exposed Secret Agent Plame?" by Clifford D. May, July 15, 2005
It's about the Karl Rove thing with Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame and Robert Novak.
I can't stand reading the whole article. Republican apologetics is sickening to me, especially in the morning when I'm trying to digest breakfast. But this whole thing about how Karl Rove is so innocent and how the damage done, if indeed any damage was done, was all done by the liberals really does have to be just about the stupidest thing Republicans have to believe in this year. Rove and Bush and the whole bunch are liars so in order to believe in their integrity, Republican supporters and apologists have to be really really really stupid!
But if I'm reading this article right, on July 14, 2003, Robert Novak published that Joe Wilson's wife Valerie Plame worked for the CIA. The Republican line is that no damage was done by this. Nobody in the CIA felt that any harm had been done to Ms Plame because Novak didn't say she worked undercover. Nobody in the CIA had any concern about any damage being done until two days later when this David Corn published an article (referenced and linked in this Clifford May post) in The Nation.
So as a result, Rove didn't do anything wrong. Novak didn't either. Joe Wilson was the one who put his wife and all of her contacts in danger two days after Novak's article when this David Corn guy wrote that Wilson would "neither confirm nor deny that his wife--who is the mother of three-year-old twins--works for the CIA."
I don't know about you, but I would have to be one stupid human being to assume that the CIA took no notice and no action when Novak published his article but rather waited two days till this Corn thing came out in The Nation. Just how stupid do Rove and these jerk Republican apologists think the public is? OK so it works on Republicans and it wins elections and it makes jerks like Rove "masterminds," but how does it make America a better place to live?
Rove is going to get away with it because Republicans now own the U.S. government, but just how stupid do they expect us to be? How can I help but conclude that Republicans are just simply stupid, too limited in their mental capacities to comprehend even the simplest of concepts?
Oh and on another thought, it is often said that the President of the United States is the "leader of the free world," but is that how the "free world" sees it or is it just something we Americans simply imagine?

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Breakfast Treat

I just had a wonderful breakfast treat. My wife made me a foamy fresh strawberry yogurt treat made from strawberries that we picked just yesterday late in the afternoon. The drink was delicious!!
Yesterday we picked berries at Tate's strawberry farm in East Corinth. That was unreal. In maybe an hour, less than that, we picked 19 quarts of perfectly just-ripened cultivated strawberries for only $28.50. 19 quarts!
We should try freezing some of that drink...

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Molested Skunks

Maybe you haven't noticed, but something stinks really bad here in the USA this summer:
I haven't listened to conservative talk radio in months, not since before the 2004 election. I can't stomach all the lies. But yesterday I listened to Rush while I was painting just to get the Republican talking points on this Karl Rove issue. What I gathered listening to Rush was:
1. Saddam did buy uranium yellowcake from Niger. Therefore, Wilson lied in his report about this purchase when he claimed that no such purchase was likely.
2. Wilson was sent to Niger by his wife. He then lied and told us he was sent by Cheney and Tenet.
3. Valerie Plame was not a covert CIA operative by the definition of the law which the White House is assumed to have broken. Therefore no law was broken and Rove is innocent. Plame's identity had already been revealed to Russia and she had lost her cover years before Novak's article. The law only covers operatives actively or recently in the field.
4. Rove wasn't the only one in the White House who identified Wilson's wife as a CIA operative.
Those were the main points I gleaned and remembered. There are more that I didn't, I'm sure. But if these Republican talking points - apparently also being spread by the head of the Republican Party - are true (which is unlikely at most), this brings up some interesting points:
1. Why is someone now in jail for interfering with a criminal investigation when there was no crime in the first place?
2. Why has this investigation been going on for at least a year now if everybody in Washington DC knew that there was no crime committed?
3. Why did Bush say he would fire those responsible if no crime was committed?
4. Why didn't Rove speak up a year or more ago if he knew that no crime had been committed? Why did he keep what he had done secret?
5. Where is the yellowcake? Where did it go if Saddam had no use for it?
This thing stinks worse than a pack of molested skunks.