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Monday, October 25, 2004

350 Tons

What would life be without explosive stories like this one:
"Tons of Iraqi explosives missing"
OK so sometime around April 9, 2003, three-hundred and fifty tons of highly explosive plastic explosives vanish in Iraq. The UN knew about this material and had it under seal before the war, but because the "coalition forces" wouldn't allow the UN into Iraq during the invasion or the looting period following the invasion, enough plastic explosives to fill a dozen or more tractor trailers vanishes from a known weapons storage site?
The Pentagon and the interim Iraqi government knew about this but didn't report it till now?
That BBC site in the link above said this: "The paper claims US National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice was told about the missing explosives only in the past month... It is not yet known whether US President George W Bush has been informed."
Shouldn't someone in the Pentagon get fired if they are keeping these kinds of secrets from Condy and Dubya? Or are our leaders simply too busy to worry themselves with the little things? National Security Advisor???
Imagine how much safer we are now that these explosives are in the hands of unknown potential terrorists rather than the hands of Saddam.
Personally, I think they are what the Iraqi Phantom (alias Zarqawi, alias Wolfowitz) has been using to keep this war going but that's just one man's opinion, isn't it?


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