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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Tangential Irrelevancies

What is it called when the White House reveals secretly to conservative media the identity of a CIA agent married to a critic of the White House thus endangering her life and sending a strong warning to the rest of the intelligence community to toe the White House line or else?
What is it called when the Pentagon operates an intelligence group dedicated to producing intelligence, accurate or otherwise, that bolsters the case for war against Iraq and secretly feeds that bogus information to the Office of the Vice President? See Karen Kwiatkowski's website for information on this. She was working in the Pentagon while this was going on.
What is it called when the current nominee for the US ambassador to the UN John Bolton reaches down five levels in the bureaucracy to threaten two intelligence analysts five times in two years because he didn't agree with their analysis?
Well at least in the third instance, that was called "tangential irrelevancies" on Public Broadcasting's News Hour this evening by no less than Virginia's Republican Senator George Allen.
I don't seem to be having much luck locating that term in Google, but isn't there a name for a term that consists of two words which both basically express the same concept? What's that called? I forget...
But anyway, it's nice to know that the lexicon of conservative politics has finally placed a name on this behavior, isn't it?


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