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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Out to Get Them

You know, whenever Republicans screw up and get caught, the conservative take on it is always that the "liberals" were out to get them. I mean wasn't that Gannon's gripe? And when Cheney shot his hunting buddy and then found a creative way to reveal it to the public, wasn't that the claim? And don't they claim that Joe Wilson was out to get the White House? And all the critics of the war, aren't they just using the war to score politically against the Republicans? Today there's the Barbara Bush mess.
So we have all these Republican blunders, and many many more, but the blundering Republicans are never the real problem. Nor are their blunders. The main problem is the "liberal" media who criticize untouchable conservatives.
What really needs to be done is for these liberals to just shut up. Let the conservatives expose themselves. And when they do, then sweep the whole dark mess under the rug.
Use the prison torture issue as the example for how to deal with Republican blunders. Systematize the blunders but do it underneath the public's radar. Twist the Constitution to shreds. Lie to the voters. Bribe and swindle. Turn American values upside down. Bankrupt the whole country in every way you can. Distort Christianity until it appears to advocate for the destruction of Creation. Oppose science. Ignore truth. Declare war on terrorism and then fight the war with terror as your main weapon. And call anyone responsible for all these blunders "patriots."
That's the Republican way to handle things. Anything the liberals say is just them "out to get us."


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