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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Slow Learners

Four and a half years after 9/11 it is hard to imagine a disgruntled Republican, but John Fund appears to be one. There are some real Republicans still out there, but the Republican Party has been slow in admitting that they have a problem among themselves. Republicans are reluctant to admit that Karl Rove hijacked the party back in 2000 and ever since he did that, everything has been going the wrong way. The Republican Party has become a pressure cooker.
With Republicans in control of the White House, the Senate, and the House, and with an increasingly partisan Republican court, Republicans cooked up a scheme where politics became a top-down enterprise with George Bush at the top. Leaders of both the House and Senate became servants of the Bush agenda. It was the job of these so-called leaders to corral all Republican party members in both the House and Senate and pressure them to serve the White House cause, the presumption being that President Bush, being the conservative Christian man that he says he is, would work to win the reforms that Republicans have been working for decades to achieve.
But something went wrong, as right-winger George Conway so well explains:
Thanks to this Administration and the Republicans in Congress, the Republican Party today is the party of pork-barrel spending, Congressional corruption — and, I know folks on this web site don't want to hear it, but deep down they know it's true — foreign and military policy incompetence.

Mind you, many Republicans would still think of any Republican who would utter these words as a traitor to America. But they are just slow learners.
The time has come, America, for Democrats and independent-thinking Republicans all across our country to unite in one common cause, the impeachment of the entire Bush White House. It's no longer simply a political cause. It is a national necessity if our Constitution and our nation are to survive.


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