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Tuesday, October 10, 2006


If you've have listened to conservative talk radio or to national Republican politics, you should have noticed how conservatives frequently thumb their noses at the idea of submitting the USA to any kind of international leadership. They criticize UN authority and under George W. Bush have openly declared that the United States won't submit to the international will. We will do whatever we decide to do. We won't submit to the World Court, to the Kyoto Protocols, or to the Geneva Conventions. For political reasons conservatives openly thumb their noses at "the will of the international community" whenever that will would limit the US.
So what's this statement all about?
"Once again North Korea has defied the will of the international community, and the international community will respond." George W. Bush, Monday October 9, 2006
Why on earth would we think another nation might submit to this "will of the international community" when our own political leadership thinks that notion is just so much snot? How can we expect to accomplish anything from diplomacy when we base diplomacy on hypocrisy?


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