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Friday, November 20, 2009


Forgive me if I disturb you.

Today is a cold, wet, gray day in Maine. I have myself couped up inside the house feeding the woodstove… and eating.

After finishing the dishes I went to a website that I have been following for the past few months – What Really Happened. It’s approaching the 46th anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy so this mostly conspiracy theory website is reflecting on that event in American history.

I followed a link from there to this article in Rolling Stone dated April 5, 2007 about CIA career man and convicted Watergate conspirator E. Howard Hunt who died January 23, 2007 after years of suffering. In the article, Hunt’s oldest son Saint, no saint by anyone’s standards, tells of a confession his dad made to him in 2003 when it appeared that he didn’t have much longer to live.

Those old films of President Kennedy in the back seat of that Lincoln convertible, Jacqueline at his side, both smiling and waving at bystanders, Texas Governor John Connally in the seat in front of Kennedy, are hard to watch for me. I generally stay away from that sort of thing. Disturbing…

But awhile back I did just that and noticed something I hadn’t seen before, although obviously anybody can and most have seen it. After the first shot, Kennedy is bent forward but a sudden jolt catches him and throws him back and to the left towards his wife, as though he had been hit by a shot taken from ahead of and to the right of the Lincoln. That is the direction repeatedly given in this article as being the location of the infamous “grassy knoll” where the forever denied second shooter would have been.

Both this article and Wikipedia point out that there are multiple sources that place E. Howard Hunt who was at that time still in the CIA and carrying a huge grudge against President Kennedy, not just in Dallas that very day, November 22, 1963, but in Dealey Plaza, the site of Kennedy’s assassination.

Coincidence can’t possibly explain this.

Disturbing is all I can say. Deeply disturbing.


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