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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Al Jazeera Relocates Cuba

I woke this morning to a Google-featured news article in Al Jazeera with an unusual tilt:
Hassan Rouhani: Now is not the time to build walls

Aside from being the most Orwellian news article I have ever come across, leaders in Iran calling for more respect for free trade by America, part of the new propaganda campaign against Caucasian males, there was an unusual component in the map this article included which shows the path of the projected US/Mexico border wall that President Trump wants to get started on.

It appears to me that Al Jazeera (whose logo clearly appears in the lower right just beneath the island of Cuba) has repositioned said island of Cuba westward by hundreds of miles, just to get it into the picture.

Oh and since when did Middle-Eastern Islam become a race?

As an aside...
I keep coming across tiny little errors in grammar in many of the false news propaganda articles recently published on the Internet. They are the sort of errors that you normally would never see in professional writing because they are so easily caught by a skilled editor's proofreading. Maybe it's just that so much of what we read now is composed in microtext on smartphones, but even so, why are the errors not caught before publishing?

Here's the error found this morning in the text of this article. Quoting the article:

On Thursday, one of Iran's most popular actresses said she would boycott next month's Academy Awards in protest at the ban.

Protest of the ban perhaps, or protest against, but protest at? How often do you see that in professional writing? For me at least it interrupts the flow of thought.

Since nearly all glitches like this one seem to appear in anti-Trump propaganda I'm beginning to think this is a good way to spot propaganda. It bypasses the editor's desk.


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