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Sunday, July 21, 2019


I've written this before but growing up in an isolated small town the way I did I never had the experience of being around a huge number of strangers even after venturing through Chicago and New York City and even London back in my late teens and early twenties. It took driving south through New Jersey out of New York with my wife to realize how many people there are in the world. It's not like "back home" where everyone either knows you or knows someone who does. You are somebody when you're downtown and most of the people you see aren't strangers. Driving south through New Jersey just the oncoming traffic has to contain the equivalent of at least half the population of Maine and you can't even see any of them, their cars are too far away from you but you are just a tiny speck to them as well, a tiny stranger a long ways from home.

Well this travel video stirs those feelings. I really enjoy watching this guy's travel videos and I swear he has more courage than all the stunt morons on YouTube. He goes where you never see those people going.


Indigo Traveler


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