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Monday, September 20, 2004

Chicken Little

Here is a reply to one of my recent posts. For some crazy reason I feel compelled to answer it this morning. The reply is from someone whom I consider as a friend, but there is nothing at all friendly about his attack on my character. Eric said:
"Wow, lotta assumptions and speculation in that post. For all the "chicken little" ranting that you do about the Bush administration I have to say that the thing that scares me the most is that their are actually American citizens who view the world the way you do, and even more disturbingly, are allowed to vote! All this anti-Bush conspircay mumbo jumbo that I've read over the last year is at about the same level of intellectual substance as the you see in the UFO conspiracy circles. But, I think for many on your side of the isle the feeling that there is some giant evil to contend against, in this case President Bush, gives some meaning to your lives. I really do believe it's some source of stability for the left wing or peace crowd. That's the only way I can account for the absolute hatred and anger from people like you and the fact that you seem unable to accept any facts that differ from your perception of what reality is."
First, let me say that I don't have a side of the "isle" or even the "aisle" as Eric corrected himself. My political perspective is not represented in Washington. I am, if anything, somewhere between a Green and a Libertarian. From my perspective there is almost no difference between the Democrats and the Republicans who run this country. Both heavily favor Globalization. and the use of all means available to achieve its goals. Unlike most of my fellow Americans, I tend to see things from the perspective of those people in this world, and there are billions of them, who are on the losing side of the debate between national sovereignty and Globalization. of corporate power and influence. So you see, Eric, there is no "my side of the aisle" for me.
But you exclaim, Eric, that it disturbs you that people who think like me are allowed to vote in the United States, the nation of my birth, the cradle of democracy and representative government. What are you suggesting, that the White House invoke the powers of the Patriot Act to take away my vote because I see real danger in president worship? The "Right" among us Americans hold President Bush in a reverence that would befit him only if he were the Lord, or at the very least, the christened King of America. He isn't. He is an almost-elected representative of the people of America and should be thought of accordingly. He is not Mr. Perfect no matter what the hate radio talk show puppets are telling you. But he, like you, would love to strip me and my kind of the vote. I shouldn't be threatened by that?
After that, you suggest that I somehow derive my identity by frightening myself with UFO-like conspiracy theories about the Bush presidency, that the "left wing" and "peace crowd" derive "stability" from this "absolute hatred and anger." Further, Eric, you perceive that I and people like me "seem unable to accept any facts that differ from your perception of what reality is." Can't I say exactly the same thing about you right-wingers? W George Bush says you are either with us or against us. There is no middle ground, no room for alternate theories of reality. I recognize that the Right has its own perspective of reality. But you are putting it forth as though it is God's Reality, as though Bush is doing God's work. I simply can't buy that idea. How is that so un-American? Have I lost that right somewhere between 1967 and 2004? When? On 9/11/01?
Let me educate you about something, Eric. In the United States, people who don't think like you right-wingers, people who see danger when you don't, are allowed to vote. Thank you for your concern, but I believe it is you people who are drowning in your own hate and fear, and you are trying to take us down just so you can stay afloat.


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