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Friday, October 29, 2004

Maggot Infested

Yesterday afternoon I was driving home after two long nights of work. I was listening to Rush Limbaugh for entertainment. He made some interesting claims. Mind you my mind was blurred and I didn't record his talk so I may not have these memories exactly right, but from what I recall...
Some high school is encouraging students to get out and vote. Like all public schools, this is a liberal effort to undermine the election of the President. Limbaugh pictured long-haired maggot infested teenagers going to the home of vulnerable old ladies who would happily let these scumbag kids into their houses where the kids would case the place for liquor and whatever else they may wish to remove at some later date. I was thinking as I listened to this that this doesn't sound like the civic-minded high school kids that I have known. Are public high school kids who participate in after-school civic activities really like that? Where did Limbaugh get that image?
Then there was his little talk about the UN. It seems that Rush thinks the UN is a breeding ground for anti-Semitism. They consistently vote against Israel.
One of Rush's listeners messaged him to ask him why he seems a little depressed as the election approaches. Rush denied it.
Rush did confirm, though, that this whole New York Times story about the missing explosives was just totally bogus. The place was looted by Saddam long before any US soldiers got there. That's sure comforting to know.
Oh, and Arafat? He looks chipper and well, certainly not on the verge of death as the liberal media would have us think.
And these high explosives missing (or not) in Iraq... they are "weapons of mass destruction" according to Rush, chief spokesperson of the "Limbaugh Institute of Advanced Conservative Studies" broadcast on the "Excellence in Broadcasting" network.
How many conservatives does it take to spin this many circles and not have any of them overlap in conflict? Or are the circles something like smoke rings. Overlapping circles don't conflict if the previous smoke rings have had time to fade, something like the memory of the typical conservative American. It seems to me that there are two different kinds of conservatives involved here. One group is smart enough to spin all these circles and still maintain control. The other are forgetful enough and trusting enough to not even see the circles spinning. I'm beginning to think there is a third group as well, those who maybe aren't quite clever enough to create the spin but can see the spin and think it is necessary to keep the American mob under control.


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