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Thursday, October 07, 2004


I am so relieved!!
I spent part of today smoking cigarettes and listening to conservative talk radio, mainly the Rush Limbaugh show but also a little bit of Howie Carr, on my truck radio while I was out in the woods cutting firewood. I can't even begin to tell you how many incredible things I learned just in one day! I listened to Limbaugh on the EIB - that's "Excellence In Broadcasting" - network. I learned so much it's no wonder Limbaugh has coined his thing the "Rush Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies."
Where do I even begin!
I learned that everything is now OK since the thousand page report on Iraq's WMDs (or lack thereof) has confirmed what the Bush administration has been saying all along, that Saddam had every intention of immediately rebuilding his WMD stockpile as soon as the UN was duped by the crafty Germans, Russians, and Chinese among others into lifting the sanctions, and that he almost certainly wasn't just interested in defense but would have used those weapons on us. What a relief to know that! I've only heard a few things in the media, specifically the totally untrustworthy NPR network, about that report, the media being what the Limbaugh show refers to as the media wing of the Democratic Party, or something like that. I guess that means anyone not representing the media wing of the Republican Party?
Correct me if I'm mistaken, but did I hear somewhere that this information confirming the need for the war was based on confessions of top-level former Iraqi officials now in Iraqi prisons? Ummm.... No no, I shouldn't go there. That is one dark corner for sure and today was such an enlightening day! Why spoil it!!
I also learned that what appeared as Cheney lies in this week's debate were simply innocent mistakes. Wow, I was so relieved to hear that!
And then there was the knowledge that shoe-shining strangers are hanging around American schools and we need to be very wary about them so we can help prevent a repeat of the school terrorism incident in Russia.
What else... It all came so fast and furious it's hard for me to remember it all. Let me think on this awhile...
Afghanistan is undergoing a major economic boom now that they are free enough to run war lords in the race for their president.
Oh, there was a new book that documents Bush's successes in the War on Terror. What was the name of that book.....? Hmmmmm.... A terrorist with an aircraft mechanic's license for Kennedy International caught in Africa somewhere... the naval aspect of the terror war... how bin Laden escaped in Afghanistan... the Russians couldn't manage Tora Bora so how were we supposed to... Good book!
Oh, there was so much more too. I just can't recall it all at the moment. But I am so relieved now to know all these facts! Now I can finally get some rest knowing that we're in good hands with George Bush at the helm! 4 More Years! 4 More Years! Pass the opium... The good stuff... You know, the Afghan stuff?
Insect bites!! Ouch!! I feel as though I was naked out in the Maine woods without bug repellent in early June shaking the blackflies out of the trees. The pain comes from a thousand tiny places, not just one place like a broken leg. God Bless Conservatives. 4 More Years!!!!
Maybe I should just quit smoking instead...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You make me smile Bill. You're funny without trying to be. ;)


11:03 PM, October 08, 2004  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

...or were you trying to be? With all the bs it's sometimes difficult to tell.

11:30 PM, October 08, 2004  
Blogger Bill said...

I assure you, Eric, that I was definitely trying to be funny here...

7:57 PM, October 09, 2004  

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