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Friday, December 10, 2004

Spiritual Orgasm

I was watching a special on Public TV last night, Eric Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Festival. I only watched an hour or so of it, but I caught something that Carlos Santana said, something to the effect that he enjoys playing music that gives spiritual orgasms. He didn't explain what he said, so presumably it is a common enough experience for the general public to have understood what he meant?
I searched the PBS website for the term, but the only references that came up were four hits where the word orgasm appeared. Two were for a program about the Pope, one about Jesus, and one about sex slavery in India.
I looked it up in Google this morning and came across this interesting website:
and this:
and more...
But I don't exactly think that was what Santana was referring to. So I added "Santana" to my search and came up with this site:
in which Santana is quoted as saying:
"But I am passionate about turning on massive amounts of kids and pulling them out of that miserable state. I want to turn them over. You don't have to be Jimi Hendrix or Charlie Parker -- you can get it done in your own way. God made the world round so we can all have center stage. Everybody is important, as long as you're doing it from your heart. Frustration and depression lead to homicide and genocide, but inspiration and vision lead to a spiritual orgasm."
Another reference from Santana likened a live concert performance to a spiritual orgasm:
A lot of music gets you high. It's made to do that. Music can give us the direction, the energy, and the feedback we need to get high - whether it's rock, gospel, or the jungle drums, even bluegrass, blues, virtually any (I hate this word) "genre" of music. Music lifts our spirits, energizes our minds, releases and leads us to release spiritual energy into the space around us. But it only does that if we allow it to happen. I think it is more apt to happen if we are with other people and we are all listening to the same musical inspiration. That's what happens at live concerts. My guess is that's the experience Santana was referring to.


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