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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Perhaps Now

Perhaps now you are ready to hear from another source what you have been refusing to hear from me. Let's just say I told you so:
Of course, why would you want to believe Kurt Nimmo, right? So don't. Launch your own search for who these Brits were and why it was so vital to storm the Iraqi police headquarters in Basra. When you find the truth, let us know.

I wonder what will be made of this story by those who think escalating bloodshed in Iraq is a measure of the failure of US policy, and not its success, and who believe black ops and false flags are figments of our paranoiac fantasies. Probably, as with so much that would bedevil their worldview if only they were intellectually honest enough to permit it, this too will be filtered out and forgotten. But our burden is we won't forget. And damned if the Iraqis will.



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