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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Piss On Rove

You know, for quite awhile I avoided commenting on the hurricane and all the political bickering that has been going on over who did what to impede whom and who promised what and didn't deliver and who was on vacation when he or she should have been in Washington coordinating their staff. I submit that it's one thing to point out that things went wrong. It's quite another to turn a national disaster into a political pissing match. But despite Bush's "blame game" snub, the official White House strategy since the end of the first week has been political damage control. First they tried to blame state and local officials and even the victims themselves. Then they initiated what may become a meaningless avalanche of confessions of responsibility. The White House has been anything but above the fray. For that, we can thank Karl Rove and Dan Bartlett.
Rove, of course, is the one who outed Joe Wilson's CIA wife and then apparently lied to prosecutors and to Bush himself about his role, yet continues in his Machiavellian role of smearing Bush's reputation beyond recognition. Bartlett, reportedly, is the one who somehow made Bush's Texas Air National Guard records disappear.
I can be petty. That's my right. But what's the point in the White House being petty? That I don't see.


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