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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Science or Not Science

Again I write in reference to the ongoing debate here between myself and anonymous Christian big "A" regarding the topic of "Intelligent Design." Today I was driving to Orono to attend a presentation about peak oil - feeling guilty that I was driving there at all burning way too much gasoline in my old pickup. Halfway through my trip, I tuned the radio to the local hate radio station, WVOM, 103.9. I listened to this station most of the rest of my trip down and back and you know, it's just like drinking poison straight from the bottle. I can't imagine listening to this on a daily basis and not being sick to the core from it.
But I digress...
It just so happened that just after I tuned in, the talk show host (whose name escapes me but he's a regular and this was not Rush Limbaugh's show) introduced the topic of Intelligent Design. He ranted on about it for nearly an hour, tearing to shreds anybody who dared to call in and criticize his points. One thing, however, came through loud and clear. Intelligent Design is the new scientific theory to replace Darwinian evolution. I kid you not. And I am not misquoting. This conservative radio talk show host made the claim repeatedly that this is a scientific theory more modern than and truer than Darwinian evolution.
For anybody to claim, and this pertains directly to you, big "A," that Intelligent Design is not being promoted as science is a total in-your-face lie. That might explain why the White House is trying to say it isn't science:
But the fact is that even in the Harrisburg court case, it is in the biology classroom where intelligent design is intended to find its home. Claims to the contrary are best understood if you simply see them for what they are, very obvious lies.


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