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Sunday, January 08, 2006


It's absolutely amazing to me what things you can come across on the Internet when you allow your mind to free-fall. Today was one of those days for me. What the heck, it's the middle of winter in Maine. I could be watching TV or ice fishing but what good would that do me?
So let me give you some examples of the things I have come across today:
A quote from Ariel Sharon shortly after 9/11
An interesting tidbit about Larry Silverstein who leased the Trade Center three months before 9/11 and had a windfall of insurance ($billions) from the disaster
A picture from that morning that I hadn't seen before. At first I thought this looked like an aerial photo, but who would have been flying then. Perhaps it's from another of New York's skyscrapers. Conspiracy theorists suggest that the towers were wired with explosives, which is about the only thing that would explain why building 7 also collapsed.
Some background information on Scooter Libby
Some background information on Public Broadcasting's new head. Note the Israeli connections.
A whirlwind of 9/11 theory
A similar whirlwind of Middle Eastern news
At this point my computer's connection to the net is frozen up so I'll need to remove the spyware I've picked up today before I can move on...
59 spyware items and one reboot later...
Friends of Israel in the 2004 US elections - Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter has an impressive career total here. I saw him on Face the Nation (CBS) this morning. He surprised me with a few of his denials. Look at the support Tom Daschle has received over the years! Thune won that race with only $1,000 from these Israelis. Hmmmmm... But DeLay got a chunk of change from them in '04. Kinda looks like we're connected at both ends of the pipe, doesn't it? Total congressional race contributions from 78 to 04, almost $40 million.
For those who like to compare Iraq with the occupation of Germany after World War II
The new Inquisition - When will we learn that freedom of speech and open debate is essential to the dissemination of truth? You don't throw people in prison for denying history. Or do you?
A controversial American Jew, son of Holocaust survivors, with something to say about America's faith in the Holocaust and Israel. A speech he gave in Vancouver in May 2004 that is worth listening to.


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