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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Katherine Who?

So I was just (almost) randomly reading a post in the National Review Online about Florida's Republican Senate hopeful Katherine Harris. The writer Kellyanne Conway seems to feel that Katherine "Deserves Better." She can't figure out why Republicans are treating Katherine Harris so poorly, ignoring this Republican hero in her time of need.
So I puzzled about this for a few seconds, and then decided to Google and see if I could find an obvious link between her and Jack Abramoff. After all, it was Florida where Abramoff was finally nabbed, wasn't it? While I'm sure there are links that I didn't notice, I quite quickly did come up with this tidy little piece of dirt linking Harris with Duke Cunningham's benefactor.
"The congressman (Cunningham) who got the most money (from Wade) is going to prison,” McLaughlin said. “The one who got the second-most money wants to be a senator."
It doesn't take much to figure out why Republicans might wish to distance themselves from her campaign, does it?
I like this comment at the bottom of the post:
"K. Harris is just another “fellow traveling ” hack who whored her way into Congress by illegally screwing the election of 2000 and Jeb-Baby into the bargain, for which “the Bush Family Fortunes” gave her her seat in the House Of Representatives, (which now may be legitimately called the WHORE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES!) and now the broad seeks a bigger piece of the action. Gee, ain’t it surprising that this particular pig wants more of the SLOP from the REPUBLICAN TROUGH?
I wonder if Florida couldn't find a clean candidate or if the Republicans just didn't think this issue would matter.


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