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Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Cat in the Bag

The Associated Press's Todd Richmond has finally let the cat out of the bag. An alternate reference to this story is here. It would appear that for the very first time, a top White House official has stated the real reason for the War on Iraq. According to Richmond, Rove is "saying the U.S. can't leave one of the world's largest oil reserves in terrorist hands."
While that would seem to make good sense on the surface, if you think about it, Rove isn't just referring to the War on Iraq. Rove must also be referring to Iran, known to have a huge oil reserve and identified by Bush as a supporter of terrorism. But the picture is actually even bigger than that. To provide the kind of security that Rove is speaking of, the United States would need to secure all of the oil reserves in Muslim dominated areas including Saudi Arabia and the huge Caspian Sea reserves whose oil and gas is piped through several Muslim nations to feed the world's energy thirst.
For a long time now Bush critics have been saying and Bush has been denying that this so-called "War on Terror" has been all about oil. Bush came into office placing the architects of the Project for the New American Century in control of our military. The agenda of that "project" dating back to before the 2000 election includes securing the world's energy resources militarily. Bush and gang have been keeping that cat tightly contained in the bag up until now, but it has been obvious to critics of the Bush strategy that this is the real reason for the war. Republicans fear that the money we spend on feeding our greed for energy will wind up advancing the cause of Islam. Therefore it is important to identify Islam as "terrorist" and declare war against it so we can secure the energy reserves under Islamic control without feeding our money to Islam.
The cat's now out of the bag thanks to Karl Rove and his worries about the 2006 election.


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