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Monday, January 15, 2007

Oily Mess

Privatize or nationalize?
What is to become of Iraq's oil fields and the profits from oil and will the people of Iraq accept it or fight back?
The White House is lobbying Iraq's government to quickly pass a law to settle the debate. Oil companies are poised to profit.
I tend to think this is a bit more controversial than the White House is letting on. I mean really, when in the past six years has anything come from the White House that wasn't a controversy being masked as something that's for the public good? So what's behind this new mask?
Some old history...
This is a complicated topic. It's no wonder the White House has consistently denied that this oil is why we went to war with Iraq.
So, does Iran have oil too?
What I don't understand is that it is said that Iraq has up to 200 million barrels of oil. If we have, as is claimed, spent $400 billion on the Iraq war, then if we did it for the oil, we have already spent $2,000 a barrel and the oil is still right there in the ground under the feet of the Iraqi insurgency. Am I the only one to whom this math seems a bit foolish?
No wonder Spectrum 7 had problems! Some people just don't seem to have what it takes when it comes to math...


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