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Sunday, February 03, 2008


What an irony it is to watch the Republican primaries evolve. Last week John McCain was looking rosy as Rudy Giuliani dropped out of the race. Giuliani, if I am not mistaken, had been the conservative of choice coming into this primary, but fell into disgrace over his marital affairs and nose-dived into oblivion. In the early Republican debates, it was Giuliani who pointed out the glaring flaws in Romney's "conservative" record.
But now that it's down to just four real candidates, everyone is wondering which one is the real Republican.
Ron Paul is out because of his opposition to war. That's a no brainer. Republicans are, if nothing else, Islam-reactionary. So despite Paul's actual credentials as the one and only real conservative in the race, he's just out of the picture for most Republican voters.
Huckabee is out because his only claim to the conservative crown is his right-wing Christianity. That wins Republican votes in some circles, but it isn't the only thing needed to win Republican elections.
John McCain is getting slandered by the right primarily because of his stand on immigration.
By default, that leaves Romney as the only one worthy of the "conservative" crown and sure enough, he's the one being heralded by the right. Who cares if the Christian Right sees Mormonism as a cult? Who cares that Romney downsized his employees? Who cares that he had illegal aliens working on his place? Who cares that his claim to fame was being governor of one of the most liberal state in the US? He is conservative by default. All the other candidates are unworthy which leaves Romney as the only one left to win the support of the right.
Isn't it a shame that so many of the leaders of the right over the past decade have disgraced themselves?


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