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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Still Early

Most of us who are below and to the left on the political compass of the likes of Rush Limbaugh, The Weekly Standard, and Dick Cheney have realized that the credibility of the White House isn't what it is made out to be by the mainstream media in this country. It has been a puzzle for me why the American people haven't insisted that Congress impeach Bush and Cheney for all the lies they have told us over the years.
For any other president, getting caught telling this many lies would have been an embarrassment. President Reagan's administration broke new ground in terms of legitimizing lies, though, with the Iran/Contra scandal, an American disgrace that Reagan and company turned into hero worship for the Right. Remember Oliver North? Since Bush took office in 2001, this Reagan-era form of lying has virtually defined America. Does anyone still remember Iraq's "weapons of mass murder" claims by Bush as we invaded? Do we still believe Bush didn't know the truth about those?
Yesterday's headlines unveiled what should become the worst scandal of American history. Yet I expect that the mainstream media will do everything in its power to whitewash and legitimize the White House lies about Iran. Kevin Drum in his Washington Monthly Political Animal blog points out something that wasn't in yesterday's media. He points to a November 8 Gareth Porter article suggesting that the release of this new National Intelligence Estimate which contradicts all the White House fear mongering over the past year and more concerning Iran's nukes has been delayed by a year by Vice President Cheney. It would appear that Cheney wanted the intelligence cooked in a way which the intelligence community wasn't prepared to serve to America.
But media and White House efforts are already underway to spin this report in such a way as to suggest that Bush and Cheney have been on the right path all along. It's still too early to tell if Congress will hold anybody in the Bush/Cheney administration responsible for all the lies. But how on earth will the American people convince themselves that Bush and Cheney didn't know about this intelligence when they told us all those lies about Iran?


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