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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Republican Stall Tactics

I'm no saint for sure. I certainly wouldn't pass any acid test for the "family values" set. But Jeeze, people, this Senator Craig thing is just disgusting. When you think of "gay pride" and gay rights, I don't think this Craig-style men's room sex is exactly what they're talking about. I could be mistaken about that, of course. I'm not gay so I don't know about how liberated gay men go about seducing each other. Maybe even the liberated gays still do this crap.
I do know one thing, though. If I was in a men's room taking care of business and some guy was looking through the crack in the door at me and then he went into the stall next to me and ran his foot or his hand under the divider, that would freak me right out! It's never happened to me, thank God, nor have I been aware of any men doing it in a public men's room. Maybe I just lead a sheltered life. Maybe it goes on all the time.
But what I'm slowly coming to realize is that this is the kind of gay sex that Republicans believe in.


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