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Friday, July 20, 2007

Divine Power

It is now official. George W. Bush has declared himself to be the totalitarian executive. TPM reports that President Bush has issued a "Huge new claim of executive privilege" which shields the White House from congressional oversight and legal contempt charges. In other words, at the discretion of the President of the United States, the entire executive branch of government is above the law. Only God has more power than George W. Bush.
While some may be surprised by this and while Republicans just scoff at it since it lines up with power grabs by other recent Republican presidents, I am not surprised by the claim because this is the real meaning behind Bush's "unitary executive" theory. Bush has used this unitary executive argument to support his claims in many many signing statements that no part of the executive branch - and the Justice Department is part of the executive branch - will be used to force the executive branch to enforce the law. Why? Because the entire executive branch is one unit and it won't turn on itself. It will stay true to its singular executive head, the president.
President George W. Bush has broken down all but one avenue for Congressional oversight. He has virtually eliminated the Constitution of the United State with only one exception...


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