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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Bipartisan Legislation

There seems to be a new wave washing over Washington today. As hard as it may seem to some, it would appear that the Democrats controlling Congress are about to allow the Republicans to pass a 100 billion dollar war funding bill that they will use in the next election against Democrats.
One can only wonder why.
What do congressional Democrats have against the Democratic Party?
Mind you I'm not totally stupid. I don't buy the argument that being a Democrat means opposing the Iraq War. This Keith Olbermann commentary seems to be assuming a lot more than what is the reality of the Washington Democrats.
But the test will be today's vote. If the Democrat leaders in Congress bring to a vote a bill that wins the overwhelming support of Republicans who will go on next year to use this vote against Democrats who oppose the never-ending funding of this war, against Democrats who have already voted to fund a sane approach to funding but oppose this insanity, then what is there left to say about these so-called leaders? How this isn't betrayal is a mystery to me.
But yeah, this is bipartisan legislation. If enough Democrats favor open-ended funding of the war along with an overwhelming majority of Republicans, then yeah, let's have a vote on it. Let's see who the Bush faithful really are in Washington. Then let's let the American voters decide next year who stays and who goes.


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