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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Feeding Frenzy

Michelle Malkin has been on a feeding frenzy since yesterday's Virginia Tech shooting defending her conservative anti-gun control agenda. Earlier this morning I read in an Australian website that the shooter was an Asian with a Shanghai visa. So far, I haven't seen that information in any American media although public radio is saying the shooter was an Asian male - not sure if Asian-American or a foreign student.
[Update: 11:30 AM Tuesday: Reports now indicate the shooter was South Korean.]
CBS has thrown up a huge smokescreen the way they did with Katrina looking to pin the blame for the shooting on security authorities on and off campus.
America is sick!!!... I mean.....
How many college students die on campus every year?
How many rapes occur each year on college campuses?
How many students tried to stop the lone gunman?
How would anything have been different if students had known of the early morning dorm shooting?
How many fewer students would be shot on campus each year if students armed themselves each and every day with all manner of concealed weapons, Michelle Malkin?
Where were the "nappy-headed hoes" when America really needed them? Where were the underprivileged inner-city Blacks who face violence like this all their lives?
Where were the people of courage and integrity when these students cowered behind desks or jumped out windows while a lone gunman with one or two guns one-by-one shot thirty terrorized students in classrooms and hallways?
Why is self-defense not a mandatory component of student life?
How on earth is all the blame shifting on CBS and throughout American media going to prevent something like this from happening again?
And for god's sake.......
What else in the world is happening while we all divert our focus to this?


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