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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Abandoned Republican

I think I may have said before that I tend to think of myself more as a Republican than as a Democrat, probably in large part because my parents were loyal Republicans. I can even remember as a child going with my dad to see Margaret Chase Smith give a talk. My dad was a strong supporter of hers. For those too young to recall, Margaret Chase Smith was a Senator from Skowhegan, Maine who had the courage even as a Republican to take a stand against McCarthy politics back in the early 50s. I'm guessing that she has had occasions to roll over in her grave when Maine's two current female senators, Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe, rally voters to think of them as following in the footsteps of Margaret Chase Smith. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think Republican Senator Smith from Maine, if she were in today's Congress, would be rubber stamping the Bush agenda and then playing clever politics to appear to be standing up for the interests of the Democrat voters in Maine the way Collins and Snowe are doing.
I've been thinking for quite awhile that the Republican Party was hijacked when Bush came to power especially after 9/11. I withdrew my membership when Bush was pimping his upcoming war in Iraq back in late 2002 and early 2003. For some reason it was clear to me that Bush was going to war no matter what. The media kept playing along with Bush's little charade about needing UN approval and letting the weapons inspectors do their job, blah blah blah. But it was clear to me that this was only a cheap charade to cover up the real Bush plan. Even the "coalition of the willing" was a cheap charade.
Now we have this Justice Department thing which is just getting nastier and nastier every week. It's happening under the radar screen of mainstream media but for anyone paying attention, this has to do with the Republican Party taking over America's federal law enforcement agencies and using them to win elections. This is extremely serious business, the stuff that real impeachment is made of.
So now there's this other Monica, the one that belonged to Alberto Gonzales until just recently. A few weeks ago it came out that if she were questioned by Congress about this scandal she would be pleading the 5th Amendment. What the f***! But then I realized that this woman is a true-blue red-state Christian. She knew what she had been up to in the DOJ and she knew that her political loyalty required, demanded that she lie to cover up what the DOJ has been up to in recent years. But she's a Christian. She can't be lying under oath! But she can't betray her masters either. So, plead the 5th.
I wonder if maybe she's on the verge of realizing that she's been abandoned too. Get a clue, Monica.
But here's an even more telling testimony. Former Chrysler Corporation and committed Republican supporter Lee Iacocca has a new book just coming out, Where Have All the Leaders Gone? An article dated April 11, 2007 in The Carpetbagger Report gives a few quotes from the book that support my feelings of having been abandoned by Bush Republicans. Make a point to read this article.
One quote that really strikes a cord with me is this: "You can’t call yourself a patriot if you’re not outraged."
The Bush administration is the Titanic and there is every reason now to believe that virtually the entire Republican Party is on board. The iceberg has already been struck and the ship is on its way down. The lifeboats are for the women and children. Is it wrong to hope that once the ship is gone, the next generation of Republicans will realize........ No, that's pointless. The Republican Party has sold out to Satan. There won't be a revival.


Blogger healtheland said...

The Republicans have sold out to Satan? What is more accurate is that a great many (though not all) of the Republicans and Democrats are colluding behind the scenes to enact the same agenda. Look at the policies that both Clinton AND Bush (and Newt Gingrich) actually enacted versus their rhetoric. Angry at Bush for invading Iraq, for instance? Well realize that Clinton continued the policy started by Bush's father of using the United Nations to hammer Iraq, and even himself ran bombing runs over Iraq from time to time (including during the impeachment vote). And Clinton was Bush's #1 defender over the war. His wife voted for the war, and he was telling everyone who'd listen: "I thought Iraq had weapons of mass destruction too! All I wanted was for Bush to wait a few more weeks for the last round of inspections to complete!" And it isn't just Iraq. Both Clinton and Bush (and by that I mean both Bushes) have the same basic policy towards China, Mexico and illegal immigration, Israel, and Saudi Arabia. You can dispute over tax cuts if you want, but both Presidents really did have the same basic economic policy, especially in terms of free trade and letting big business do whatever they want (the only anti - trust lawsuit that Clinton filed was against Microsoft) and promoting the notion that the stock market was the be - all end - all. No Child Left Behind contains a bunch of elements originally proposed by Clinton, and we like to forget how Clinton was the first one to promote private Social Security accounts (it came out of his "Social Security task force"; he abandoned it only when he saw the opposition to it from his base). And for all the squawking of Bush's alleged opposition to the global warming agenda, Bush actually moved the discourse to the left on that issue by proposing his "voluntary emissions cap" idea (while all Clinton did was "accept" a Kyoto treaty that the Senate rejected 99 - 0 that is now dead and gone from the international scene). Even in terms of domestic social issues: what great victories has the great champion of the religious right delivered to the base? Social conservatives have actually LOST GROUND under Bush, more ground than they lost under Clinton in fact. Bush signed campaign finance reform legislation that will ultimately be used to SILENCE religious conservatives. That was in addition to creating the largest expansion of government, the prescription drug bill, since the New Deal/Great Society (not to mention the largest corporatization of government ever). The prescription drug bill contains a lot of things that Hillary Clinton tried to enact as part of "HillaryCare" but failed, and you better believe that the next President will enact even more of HillaryCare no matter which party he or she represents. As a matter of fact, look at the 4 candidates that the media keeps telling us are the front runners for president: Obama, Clinton, Giuliani, Romney (McCain, who still hasn't figured out yet that he merely served as a prop for the 2000 race and the pretense of a foil for Bush, is dead in the water). Tell me a substantial difference between those 4. I will tell you what they all have in common: the ability to raise $25 million in a quarter. A guy in his first term, a woman just starting he second term, a guy whose only elected position was mayor (a media creation if there ever was one), and a guy who only served one term as governor (but hey, he's an international investment banker, that helps, especially in getting the secret endorsement of the Bush family; yes its true, Jeb Bush endorsed Romney and is putting the Bush family machine behind him where McCain only got some low level advisors) being able to raise a combined $100 million 9 months from the first primary. With none of the 4 having a real advantage over the other, and none of the 4 being in a position of real disadvantage. Why? Because they want them to run against each other (and against the sham candidates like McCain was in 2000) so see which one the public likes best and is more likely to trust, so they can stick that one in office and let him get away with the most miscreance before the American people FINALLY get fed up as they did with Bush. (I say Obama could get away with the most, with Romney coming in second.) Forget the stances of these guys on the so - called "hot button issues" that are used to distract the masses (although if Bush is actually pro - life I missed him saying so), and look at the nuts and bolts policy, the boring stuff. You will see precisely how the records of Bush I, Bush II, and Clinton are not only similar, but are pushing this country in the same direction. Not only that, but it appears to go back even further. Nixon and Ford? Definitely. Carter, Reagan, LBJ, and Kennedy? Perhaps.

3:04 PM, April 12, 2007  

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