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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Deep Conspiracy

Everybody loves a good conspiracy now and then. If you don't you're either lying or you aren't human. It's as simple as that.
But there's talk now that this US Attorney firing scandal is beginning to look like a conspiracy involving top officials of the US Department of Justice and the White House. Could it also involve the Republican Congress?
From TPMMuckraker.com coverage of today's Schumer/Feinstein press conference, Senator Feinstein made this comment:
"We now know that it is very likely that the amendment to the Patriot Act, which was made in March of 2006, might well have been done to facilitate a wholesale replacement of all or part of U.S. attorneys without Senate confirmation."
Somehow that comment seems to have slipped through the cracks in terms of the mainstream media. But then again, the mainstream media generally isn't into conspiracy theories about the Republican Party. But that comment answered questions I was beginning to have, namely was there any connection between the appearance of this "loophole" in the March 2006 Patriot Act bill and the actual use of this loophole by Justice Department and White House goons?
I'm guessing this might soon show up on some radar screens. After all, if Democrats voted for this loophole too doesn't that show some complicity? One would think someone might want to set the record straight about this little issue.
Update: TPMMuckraker had some very pertinent information on this issue back on February 6. Follow the links there for some very informative and entertaining reading. It would appear that Senator Arlen Specter got a bit worked up at the idea that this little known loophole was slipped in to the Patriot Reauthorization bill by him. As it turns out, it was slipped in without his knowing about it by his chief counsel Michael O'Neill. Award-winning fiction authors take note of this sudden development!
Update March 15: Talking Points Memo today has a further update on this issue that brings up a couple of important points. First, why did the White House argue the importance of this new power to bypass Senate approval of new US Attorneys if the initial impetus for it came from such a low level and second, why was it decided that this power should be extended to the Justice Department in the first place? Who really was behind this decision since no elected Senator or Representative has admitted asking for it? Where is the credibility of anything that has come from the White House and the Justice Department on this issue?


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