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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Fields of Truth

In physics there are fields of force. Three fields that I can think of are the electric field, the magnetic field, and the gravitational field. In theory these fields are expansive, at least as expansive as our universe and most likely extending far beyond that, especially if this notion that ours isn't the only universe is true..
But this thing that I'm writing about isn't exactly about fields or physics. It is but it isn't. It's about truth... and lies. It's about the present, the past, and the future, all of which are quite meaningless without truth. If everything is made of smoke and mirrors, lies and tricks of thought, then nothing really matters, Nothing is real. But I belong to the school of thought that suggests there must be reality. The present and the past must exist. Reality isn't something that can be changed by a lie. Perhaps a lie can impact the future, but it can't change what has already happened. It can't change the past and it can't change the present moment.
How do I figure this? Let me attempt to explain.
Things that we call solids and liquids and gasses, the three forms of "matter" that make up our world, are themselves made of atoms which themselves are made of protons, neutrons, and electrons. Protons and electrons, each and every one of them, have an electrical charge. This electrical charge is propagated away from each electron or proton and is able to be felt by other electrically charged particles at a distance. It is said that like charges repel and opposite charges attract, so two electrons separated by a distance repel one another. These charges are propagated and act in what is called the electric field. Batteries store electric field force and electric current is pushed through wires by these forces.
When an electron is in motion, it propagates a magnetic field. Again, this field consists of forces that can act on other similar objects with magnetic fields. Electric motors are driven by forces generated by magnetic fields.
All objects with mass (the basis of weight) establish and propagate gravitational forces that act in the gravitational field. Any two objects with mass suspended in space are attracted to each other through this gravitational field.
In all three cases, the fields consist of forces that can be recognized and measured by the effects they have on objects with similar fields.
But here's the kicker.
In all three cases, all three types of fields, any change in forces in these fields propagates directly out from the source of that change at the speed of light. The intensity of the effects of the forces can be controlled and put to use, but the change in the field propagates out from the source in every direction at the speed of light. Once the change has occurred, there's no bringing it back and since nothing can travel beyond the speed of light, there's no catching up with it once the change has happened. And what is more, that change will propagate forever at that speed, for an eternity in time and an eternity in distance.
Or at least that's theoretically what happens. Quantum physicists may differ with me here but not in a definable way.
That might take a little while to sink in, so no rush. Give it time. Read on when you're ready. This concept is key to what I'm about to say.
I view truth this same way. You could say that I'm saying this metaphorically, but I'm not so sure that's true. I might be saying this quite literally.
Why? Because everything that happens, everything that moves or everything that is involved in thinking a thought, creates a change in at least one of these fields. In fact, all thought and all motion consist of just this such thing, changes in these three all-encompassing and eternal force fields.
And like I just mentioned, once the change has happened, there's no taking it back. There's no catching up with it, no altering it. It is propagating eternally and omnidirectionally at the speed of light.
There is no movement of the physical body that doesn't propagate into the gravitational field.
There is no position of any electron in any atom that isn't propagated as the source of an electrical charge in the electric field.
And there is no movement of any electron in any chemical reaction or in any physical motion that doesn't propagate a magnetic field into eternity.
Once the truth has happened, there's no bringing it back from eternity. It is broadcasting itself in every direction away from whatever the source at the speed of light and there's nothing you or anyone else can do to change that fact. No lie, no matter how cleverly conceived or executed, can alter the truth once it has entered into existence. In fact, all a lie ever does is enter another truth into existence, the truth that a lie was told.
There is no hiding anything from God.


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