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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Turn Away

So you think the Iraq War wasn't (isn't) about oil. You believe George W. Bush's claim. You don't know what the war was about, but you sure don't think it was for the oil. Well good for you. By all means don't challenge your belief system. Don't read the links I'm about to give you.
First there is this story which should be required reading for "the troops" and their families who, in many cases, wonder why they are in Iraq.
If you are wondering why the Iraqi people seem to be resisting the US/British occupation, maybe you could consider reading this website representing the Iraqi oil union workers in southern Iraq.
This past week someone I was listening to on TV or radio - I don't recall who it was - made the connection between the current "troop surge" and the Iraq Oil Law. The suggestion was that the troop surge was buying time for the government of Iraq to pass the new "oil law." Today I found this blogger who claims to have smuggled a final draft of that law out from inside the Green Zone and translated it from Arabic to English. Now tell me again why something like that would need to be smuggled? I mean isn't the obvious explanation that big oil and the governments of the United States and Britain are applying military pressure while certain officials in Iraq's government secretly determine the fate of Iraq's vast oil wealth?
Oh God no!! That would make it a conspiracy! This blogger must be a liar! Turn away all yee faithful Bushies! Turn away!
The war wasn't (isn't) about oil?
Well then, what was (is) it about, oh wise ones of the world? Bush himself has declared that it isn't about lofty religious ideologies and end time prophesies so hold your horses on that one.
Of course you could always argue that the strategic military objectives are larger than just oil profits for the world's oil barons. After all, didn't Germany lose World War II because it ran out of oil? Didn't the southern front of their invasion of Russia, the push to reach the Baku oil fields, fail and from that point wasn't it a downhill struggle for the Nazis? Didn't the Luftwaffe run out of fuel to defend the skies over Germany from the allied bombers?
So maybe Iraq's vast oil reserves are just a strategic objective, a stepping stone in a much larger strategic theater. Oh but, right, I nearly forgot, the US isn't imperialistic. What larger strategic theater? Impossible!! Impostrous!
Troops, look away! Look away! This isn't what the war is about! Look away quick!
This must be just a bunch of untrustworthy Internet babble. Trust Bush instead. Don't trust the Web. Turn away yee faithful Bushies! Turn away!


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