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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Frogs Eggs

I was raised in the country, not on a working farm but still on a back road in the country well away from town. In Maine there is a lot of water around in the spring when the snow melts and the frost leaves the ground. That water would stand in pools in the ditches alongside the roads, sometimes for weeks.
After mid May those pools would come alive with peepers, small frogs in a hurry to get the next generation of frogs started. Each new day there would be a new batch of frogs eggs bunched together in a see-through gel not unlike wet Jell-O.
I remember picking up these masses of eggs with my hands. Aside from being cold and wet, they had the consistency of slime. Each egg was a tiny black eye surrounded by a sack of slime that attached itself to the slime of the eggs around it. When I picked up a handful, it would slip out of my grip and disintegrate, falling back into the pool.
This morning I was listening to the testimony of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales who presented his defense to the Senate Judiciary Committee. It was covered live on Public Radio. Interestingly, and maybe it's just because it's springtime again, but whatever the reason, I had the same sensation from that testimony that I used to get from holding a handful of frog eggs. His words were nothing but cold wet slime. It would be impossible to hold even so little as a handful of Gonzales words for more than a few moments.
Most of the senators didn't realize that fact this morning. They aggressively questioned him about his seeming inconsistencies. But by afternoon, the entire debate began to reflect this slimy-egg factor. The debate fizzled from Gonzales's steady stream of denial and sidestepping and sleazy misrepresentation of his own role in the Justice Department. If the winner of the debate was the one with the most frogs eggs at the end of the day, Gonzales clearly won the debate.
The White House quickly reflected agreement with me.


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