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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bush Doctrine

The bloggers on the left have for days been discussing how Sarah Palin fumbled her way through the Charlie Gibson questions about the "Bush doctrine." But I have to give the credit here to Palin. If someone sat me down and in the middle of an interview asked me what my views were of the Bush doctrine, I wouldn't have a clue what I was being asked about. I might ask instead of trying to pretend I knew, but I don't think the Left is winning anyone from the center or the Right with all this criticism. Chances are most Americans are as clueless to this phrase as I am and would side with Palin in this criticism.
There was another similar situation in the Gibson interview regarding "entitlements." I still haven't figured out what that's about but something about Social Security and Medicare not being entitlements? What the f***... Coulda fooled me!
Are the left trying to outsmart themselves or something? This is a sure course to defeat if they are. Palin may be somewhat clueless but so are the people who will elect her to the White House. We aren't winning any political points by pointing out that she is clueless about the things the majority of Americans are clueless about.


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