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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Day After

It's now the end of the day after the day of the election, 2008. The pundits have all done their thing. The speeches are so in the past that they aren't even being played on network news tonight, or if they were I missed it. Everyone's focused on what a great achievement this was for racial progress in America. Oh? I didn't realize this was even about race! Yes I understand in a distant way how this must feel for a person of color to finally realize that King's "dream" has arrived at the front gate of the White House. But as I told a friend last night, my hope, my belief, is that Obama will make sure that we all understand that the "White" in White House has nothing to do with skin color. This isn't about race. This is about victory over ignorance, Obama's victory over the Republican Party's pride in its own ignorance. This is about the audacity of some Democrats to believe that an American leader can be a rational, intelligent human being, that the country isn't forever lost in the insanity of reactionary politics. The fact that Obama is a man of color just adds color to the beauty of this event.
But the sleaze continues. In Alaska it appears that voters will send their felonious Senator Stevens back to Washington for Washington to sort out whether or not "ethics" still has any meaning in the U.S. Senate. Should the Senate give him the boot, it turns out that Governor Palin can't just appoint a replacement. Alaska would need a special election. Some speculate that Governor Palin herself might run for the job. If you ask me, she'd make a great replacement for the king of earmarks and sleaze. This today in TPM (from Newsweek)...
I especially like the remark about the Palins being "Wasilla hillbillies looting Neiman Marcus from coast to coast." Sarah has been reminding me of Ellie May Clampett for some time now. This article paints Palin in a whole new light if you didn't notice. I had been under the impression that the campaign insisted on the new clothes, that Palin resisted. Yeah well she resisted the way she resisted the bridge to nowhere. And some of the clothes have gone missing? Gee! Go figure on that one! Wonder whose closet those clothes are hiding in!
I can only feel sorry for all the women in America who had hopes that this woman would represent them. Girls, you picked the wrong mama!


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