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Monday, April 27, 2009

No Cause for Alarm

This is like almost becoming the Obama mantra, "There's no cause for Alarm." What is it this time? The teetering economy? Job losses? American automakers on the verge of bankruptcy? Swine flu epidemic? Well yes all of the above plus one.
Today it seems someone in the White House did a boo boo. He has officially apologized but just the same, it warranted an apology from the White House. So what was this boo boo? Someone in our government thought it would be a fun idea if they took one of our presidential 747 jumbojets and an F-16 and did a few low level passes over New York City right down there in the vicinity of Ground Zero. And just to make things more fun they classified the mission so the people of New York, you know like the people that work in those tall buildings and since 9/11 are deathly afraid of low-flying airplanes doing strange maneuvers at low altitude over the City of New York, wouldn't have any idea what was happening.
The result?
Good footage on YouTube here and here.
A little panic?
It's hard to imagine that there would be anybody in the federal government ignorant enough to not realize that something like this would cause a lot of fear for New Yorkers. Anyone that ignorant should immediately lose his or her job. In fact anyone anywhere in the chain of command who knew this was coming but didn't try to stop it should be fired immediately.
But hey, after a good night's sleep, that'll all be yesterday. Let's focus on the future instead, right?


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