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Wednesday, December 23, 2009


It’s taken me long enough but I think I’ve finally hit on my philosophy of life, of how to figure out how to live my life from this point forward – how to figure out things as time goes on. With any luck, time for me will still go on for quite awhile longer but I leave that fate to the angels. They seem to know a lot better than I do about that subject.

But what I have just concluded is that the universe, every bit of it physically is made of force. I know that’s a pretty tall claim but I just don’t see how it can be any other way. But that’s not the totality of my realization. I’ve actually suspected the force composition idea for decades, have even written about it before.

But that’s the physical part of the universe. The spiritual part is thought, the act of thinking, which so incredibly easily manipulates to animate force to become real. Reality creates itself by thinking itself into the physical, controlling the physical through force, through actual physical force.

So that being said, I have realized now that I have control of my life. I can only share my thoughts with the rest of reality but when it comes to the thoughts that create me, I have control of that – actually whether I want it that way or not.

I do.

My first act - leave it to me, Bill, the base male animal that he is in reality – is to declare myself independent of the side of me that wants woman for sex. I give up. I’m too old for that, ladies, and I never was interested in you, guys… not when it comes to sex.

My deepest apologies to any lady whose hopes are shattered, but my fondest gratitude to any woman who has been so generous as to share of herself with me.

Now to sweep out the toys.

Well first to finish sweeping out the hard drive, disinfect it and then get the frags out. I’ll post after I’m hooked back up.

Ah, time has passed as it always seems to do. The hard drive is clean, defragged, and I’m back online. Time to upload! Slap it up and pin it on the wall. Wish me luck!

Oh and to the ladies I’ve flirted with any time recently, men are all dogs. That we know. We men are all George Clooneys. But if I ever get out of line, just spank me, Mama, before you do anything else.


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