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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Immigration Comedy and All That Jazz

I've been watching old movies again, well one old movie anyway, Shipping News. A common thread in that movie is writing catchy headlines for newspaper articles. I'll keep working on it.

Normally there isn't much for headlines on Sunday morning until the Sunday morning network talk shows air but today seems to be an exception. You see, there was a nuclear bomb dropped right in the heart of the free world and the fallout has already tainted life here on the planet forever.

Well, figuratively anyway. As in it might as well have happened that way considering the attention given in this morning's headlines.

It seems the whole world is in an uproar because the President of the United States thought he had the authority to actually say who can and who can not enter into this country by enforcing existing law.

The audacity!!!

What could he possibly have been thinking! Who does he think he is, the President???

I could be wrong but I'm thinking maybe there is a growing population of Americans who are beginning to imagine that immigration is becoming a problem for people accustomed to living in freedom in a free world.

And I'm thinking those people, that growing population of people who do value freedom, aren't the problem.

I'm thinking the problem is that there aren't enough of those people living in countries where freedom is still tolerated to maintain freedom itself.

Maybe I need to qualify my use of the word "freedom" here since in true Orwellian society words can have multiple - even conflicting and opposing - meanings.

When I speak of freedom I'm not talking about the freedom to shoot oneself in the head. I'm not talking about a society's right to eliminate freedom from its midst. I'm even inclined to think that maybe in the contract we made with government when we set up our governments there may be clauses that demand that we don't give ourselves or our governments the right to overthrow our government by overpopulating our nation with people who prefer not to be free, people like the kinds of Muslims who prefer Sharia Law.

But that's just me...
and a few million others...
Nobody else seems to get my point.

And it's all those nobody else's that all these headlines this morning seem to be aimed at.

I spent a good part of the day yesterday educating myself as to the nature of this situation we find ourselves in here in the West, the problem with welcoming immigrants who don't accept our values, the problem of this looming societal suicide of Western Civilization. My teacher for the day was born Irish Catholic just about the same time in world history as myself. He has been a career comedian so he has a way with surprising his audience with the unexpected. Recently he has focused on this rising trend in Europe and in Britain.

His work is so controversial that YouTube has actually found cause to censor him.
But he's back!

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