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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Social Security

I find this Social Security debate to be quite confusing, don't you? Of course I don't trust the rhetoric of the Bush administration. If this weren't some concoction to make the rich richer, it wouldn't make sense for the Bush people to support it.
But here is an interesting little read with a supporting graph:
If I were a Republican, would I read this differently? Perhaps I might say that the current and projected annual surplus in Social Security is responsible for the growing projected deficit in the General Fund? Like it's placing a drain on the economy? I don't know. How else can I explain it?
Will privatizing Social Security put more money into business investments and thus stimulate growth in the economy? Is that the idea? What would that be called when the payroll taxes of the working class are turned over to Wall Street for investment, trickle-up economics? I know nothing. Educate me.


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