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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Angels and Demons

I just finished reading another Dan Brown book, Angels & Demons. That's the second Dan Brown book I've read. The first was The DaVinci Code. Both of these books were the type of book that I have a really hard time putting down to go do something else, such as work or sleep. This book features a tour of Rome with a focus on the Illuminati. Brown's style is to overwhelm the reader with details that may be real or may be fiction but if real have been kept secret through the ages.
The secrets in this book center on the Catholic Church in Rome and an organization of enlightened artists and scientists in Galileo's time.
As with The DaVinci Code, the end of the story contains a few surprises, but virtually every chapter in the book contains surprises relating to the details of the sites his characters explore. It almost makes me want to explore Rome myself!


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