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Monday, January 17, 2005

So Many Things

I have heard about so many things today from several different sources. Not only did I have one of my most lucid and creative dreams ever in the night last night, and followed it with a sleepless period of higher-level thinking, but then when I read today's daily newspaper...
There was an article about a black hole in space eating up an area 600 times larger than our own galaxy. Estimates are that it has already eaten 300 million stars the size of our sun. That's a lot of solar systems up in smoke, don't you think? And do you suppose any of those stars hosted planets that supported life, maybe even intelligent life, maybe even life which had conceptualized God and Heaven or perhaps technology and space travel only to be completely and inescapably drawn into the black hole? Can you even imagine the terror of that?
Then there was the front page article about the conviction of the Abu Ghraib guard. Apparently testimony that he was ordered to abuse the prisoners as a systematized part of their interrogation didn't matter. What are they doing, punishing all the grunts and promoting all their superior officers for this? Only in BushWorld, right?
On tonight's TV news there was an interview with a man who claimed that malaria alone claims nearly 150,000 children's lives each month in Africa. Children... That's nearly as many deaths each month as the tsunami killed. The tsunami deaths were a disaster. The deaths of African children is what? Routine? Barely even noteworthy?
What is the nature of these things and where is God? And the worst question of all: When it is all said and done, when earth plunges into the sun and the sun plunges into a black hole, what will any of it have mattered? What will it matter who loved whom, who lived and who died, who probably went to Heaven, who invented the transistor, how much money Bill Gates made in his lifetime?
I'm not being suicidal or anything like that, nor am I promoting corruption and evil. I'm just trying to work out in my head what makes anything significant and what people should focus their lives on. What really matters?


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